Jets Nation Radio Episode 11: Bums in seats, a captainless season, and the young stars

By Goose
1 year ago

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It’s Monday and that means the newest episode of Jets Nation Radio is out and ready to be heard. Angus Hout and Sam Brownell start this week’s episode by talking about the biggest news for the Winnipeg Jets in the last few years. @Blake Wheeler losing the captaincy and why it needed to happen, and how that move has now made Rick Bowness the sheriff in the Jets locker room. The guys talk about who could get an “A” on their chest both of the guys think it’ll be four Jets who get a letter. Moving on they start to talk about @Mark Scheifele and his role on the team this year and what the expectations should be for him. The expectations are quite high for Sheifele. Angus Segways perfectly into the next topic how to get more bums in seats at the Canada Life Center. As Jets, part owner Mark Chipman put a letter out.
We recognize the effect the pandemic has had on so many in our community and deeply respect the decision of those who have chosen not renew their season tickets. However, we also keenly understand the economics of the NHL and our desire to remain healthy and competitive. Accordingly, we have re-examined our offerings and have created a great deal more flexibility by offering a range of fractional purchase options. I have attached our 2022/23 Season ticket plan in the hope that you might consider investing in the Winnipeg Jets and help us get back that level of energy so critical to our success. If you already do have tickets, please accept my sincere gratitude and invitation to letting others know of our offer or if possible to invest in a partial package for customers and/or staff.
Besides the obvious of the Jets just winning games, Sam and Angus come to the conclusion that Jets fans need to be hooligans again, with chants and other things that would be a little more family-friendly as well.  The guys briefly talk about the ad patches on the Jets jerseys and whether we like them or not and which patches in the league are the worst. The last big topic of this podcast is the Young Stars Classic. Angus talks about Brad Lambert and why it’s a little sad he won’t be turning pro this year. As well as who has impressed him the in the first two Young Star Classic games. Will Cole Perfetti be a Calder Cup finalist?
All of that and so much more on this week’s episode of Jets Nation Radio.

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