Changing the Winnipeg narrative

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By Goose
5 months ago
Be sure to check Betway to check out the latest Jets game day odds and bet on the NHL! Late Saturday night while some of us were making unwise choices Scott Billeck would let us know that Nino Niedereriter’s agent Andre Rufener is coming to Winnipeg not for a vacation but for contract extension talks. Rufener oversees two contracts in the NHL, Nikolaj Ehlers and Niederreiter.
Niederreiter and Vladislav Namestnikov have quickly become instrumental members of the Jets’ forward group after bothing being traded to Winnipeg.Namestnikov  would sign a two year, four million dollar contract with the Jets this past summer. This is a league where players’ only goal is to chase the Stanley Cup. Namestnikov’s decision to stay in Winnipeg speaks loudly about the city and the team’s appeal.
Gord willing Niederreiter does get a contract signed with the Jets. What could it look it.Ideally you would like to see an identical two year 4 million dollar deal. I think he could get closer to five million dollars for two to three years with his White hot start to the season. You can also factor in that the Swiss forward has been putting up the best offensive production in his career with .66 points per game. Prior to Winnipeg that number was half a point per game.
 You look at the elite talent on this jet’s team who have recently signed long term here. Mark Sheifele  and Connor Hellebuyck. Both players signed long-term 7 year deals with the Jets.
They had another year to go on their current contracts. They could have gone to free agency and maybe earned more money in a “nicer” and larger market. Despite not being a high-profile market, Winnipeg has become home to these stars.
Winnipeg isn’t a sexy city, yet this team has an elite goaltender and a number one centerman in Scheifele and Helebuyck for 8.5 million dollars for 7 years in a Prairie City is a pretty darn good lock up for both sides. You hear everyone talking about needing to pay the “Winnipeg tax” when it comes to paying your professional athletes. I think for everyone in the seven years that these contacts are in place most people will be happy.


There will always be people like Pierre-Luc Dubois who don’t vibe as well with this city or the fan base. I think they are more the outliers more often than not these days. Radio has always been my passion and talking to people who have spent any time in Winnipeg make it seem like the great city to be in and anytime they leave they regret leaving this little city.
But I can truly understand why people want to stay here in Manitoba. I’m an original Albertan. I came here when I was just 20 years old and I have fallen in love with Manitoba and plan to make it my home for the rest of my life.
All I knew as an outsider before I moved here was The Weakerthans “One Great City” and I thought this place was a hellhole and yet it has been nothing but kind to me.  It took me probably a good year and a half before I decided. Yeah, this is where I want to stay the rest of my life. But once you kind of accept it, you’re stuck here forever but in the best possible way.
Yes there is a lot of bad that comes with the good in this city/ province, but there’s so much good that you can overlook it. The people are just a little kinder and less squirrely than the rest of Canadians. The music scene is incredibly underrated, the food always brings a smile to my face and even on the half empty nights Canada Life Centre is a bumping place to be.
I have the privilege of working with 92.1 CITI so I see a lot of you, I’ve had 0 incidents with actual people on the street being rude. I Have had lots of you being incredibly kind to me and asking me big questions. I love it. I do so I understand why these millionaires want to stay around The  Peg. It’s a good place to call home.
When I hear people say no one wants to be in Winnipeg I just assume they either haven’t lived here or they didn’t do anything to broaden their community circles to make it a great place to live.

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