This evening, NHL department of player safety announced that it would be suspending forward Adam Lowry for two games after a high-sticking incident involving Nashville’s Filip Forsberg. In last night’s game with 5 minutes left, Lowry was involved in a puck battle with Forsberg which resulted in a clean hit into the boards from the Nashville forward. Lowry responded by flailing his stick in what appeared to be an attempt to make contact with his opponent’s head. He initially received a two minute high sticking penalty during the game.
A similar high sticking event occurred in the Pittsburgh Penguins game against the Philadelphia Flyers when forward Evgeni Malkin swung his stick towards Flyers player Michael Raffl. Contact made glancing contact, however the Department of Player Safety suspended him for 1 game indicating that contact does not need to be made for an attempt made.
However, Lowry’s history was no doubt a factor in determining this suspension, the last time he was suspended was November of 2014 for a hit from behind on Patrick Kaleta during a match with the Buffalo Sabres.  The Department of Player Safety indicated that while Lowry advised them he did not intend to hit Forsberg in the face with his stick, they determined this was a reckless swing and suspension worthy. Lowry will sit out Winnipeg’s games against the Columbus Blue Jackets and Tampa Bay Lightning.