The Winnipeg Jets are now the Minnesota Mafia

By Goose
1 year ago
Welcome to Jets Nation brought to you by NHL bets site Betway! Who doesn’t love a Sunday night episode of Jets Nation Radio? I know I do. Angus Hout and Sam Brownell start this episode by discussing winter driving in Manitoba. Once we get to Winnipeg Jets, Angus and Sam talk about the injury bug and how it’s affecting the Jets. Sam talks about another leadership moment from Blake Wheeler even though he no longer has the responsibility. Sam talks about Winnipeg has become a hub for Minnesota-born players.
The boys talk about the Jets’ win over the Vancouver Canucks. Does Ville Hienola get into the lineup? Sam breaks down why we need to play Ville more. Angus brings up the Nashville Predators game and Kyle Connor’s overtime winner and the hit on Nate Schmidt and if it was a clean or dirty hit. Angus stops the podcast to ask for work. We get back on the rail after #HireAngus2023. Sam sets up the Seattle Kraken game and how the Jets will do against them. Angus previews a few of the World Junior’s players that play for the Jets.


Angus goes down some rabbit holes and gets to the idea of trading Schmidt for Tyson Barrie. Sam looks at how the salary cap at the trade deadline. Can we get through a podcast without talking about Josh Morrissey? No, we can not. Sam talks about some of the players who aren’t playing up to their contracts. Angus and Sam talk about all the players who are from the Northern United States. Angus tells us why Americans should come to Manitoba. #Travelmb Angus asks what’s the best Christmas food. The boys look at the big back-to-back that is coming up before the Christmas break We finish up talking about Kevin Bieksa.

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