Recapping the Winnipeg Jets weekend

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By Goose
1 year ago
Be sure to check Betway to check out the latest Jets game day odds and bet on the NHL! Watching the Winnipeg Jets is not for the faint of heart these days the past weekend was like one of those Drop of Doom rides at amusement parks. Let’s break down this wild last weekend that was full of both future promise and pure heartbreak.


The darkest Friday we have seen in a while for Jets fans. It started like most every Friday there was a feeling of optimism in the air. The Jets were back at home after a disappointing road trip. The Colorado Avalanche were in town and the Jets had a chance to separate themselves from the Avalanche with a win. In arguably the most critical game of the season.
What did we get? Probably the worst performance of the season from this squad. A 5-1 loss to the best team on paper in the West. It wasn’t even close. There were missed passes and it looked like the Jets had concrete boots on. We’ve seen bad games from them this season but a third straight loss and seventh loss in 12 games had Jets fans fuming and demanding that change starts to happen.


Saturday morning I like many Jets woke up grumpy. So much so that I got up and wrote a whole article on why Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff needs to get his ass in gear because he’s going to go down as the most average general manager in NHL history. 15 Minutes after the article went out a deal was announced. The Jets and the Nashville Predators would come together to make a trade. Nino Niederreiter would be coming to Winnipeg for a second-round pick in 2024. A steal of a deal for Cheveldayoff.
Jets fans were excited, but as the dust started to settle the hope that Niederreiter isn’t the only trade for the long-time NHL GM. Overall I think many of us were excited about what the Jets had to offer with their new Right winger in the top six.


It was a beautiful Sunday morning in Winnipeg. Before the game between the New York Islanders and the Jets, it was announced that Niederreiter wouldn’t play in the afternoon matinee due to visa reasons. A bit of a damper to the spirits but there was no way the Jets would continue to go poorly for the Jets.  Walking into Canada Life Centre I puffed my chest just a little and felt good about this team.


It was also the “Next Gen” game, so it should have been a great game for the kids who want to go into media in the future. Pregame had come and gone the Jets managed to beat a disallowed goal. The Jets were on the power play and Bo Horvat would choke the energy in the arena.
The Jets would manage one shot on the net in the first 25 minutes of the game. Fans were frustrated and were in the right to chant “shoot the puck” at the Jets. The Jets would be shutout 4-0. The back half of the game was decent team play and they couldn’t put the puck in the net.
Jets fans were left heartbroken and wondering if it’s worth even making a playoff push if the team can not score and can not find a way to win some games during a critical time of year. The coach will need to press some buttons during practice on Monday morning, the GM still needs to make some moves at the deadline and the players need to find it in themselves to play better.
How many times have we seen this song and dance before? The Jets have a good start to the season they start to fall off hold for the playoffs and then are taken out of the playoffs by eight games or less or just miss the playoffs altogether.
The fans and the good media members know this team has the talent to be contenders, but do the players have it within themselves to be a great team when the going gets tough?

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