Some optimism from Winnipeg Jets coach Rick Bowness ahead of game 3 tomorrow night

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Connor Baldwin
1 day ago
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As you and I gear up for the Winnipeg Jets vs. Colorado Avalanche game 3 tomorrow, the team is preparing to make some final adjustments at practice today. I know that yesterday I focused on 3 things that the Jets should consider doing in game 3, but like I said in the article, game 2 wasn’t all bad for the Jets. In fact, coach Rick Bowness gave fans some optimism about the team’s play in game 2 heading in to game 3. Yesterday was a travel day for the team as they flew to Colorado, but prior to the flight, Rick Bowness spoke with the media. Of course, he was asked a few questions about what the team needs to do better going into game 3. Bowness also had some good things to say about the team’s overall performance so far in this series. In particular, the improvements needed from game 1 that were noticeably better in game 2.
The first sign of optimism for the Jets fans going into game 3 was that the Jets did find themselves having more possession in the Avalanche zone. Bowness said
“Ya, we were better last night, we spent a little more time in their zone. So there’s improvements there, but it’s something that we have to continue to address and continue to improve on [going forward].”
It’s true that there was more time spent controlling the puck in general for the Jets in game 2. Going in to game 3, look for them to continue to try to push the possession numbers up. Bowness summed it up perfectly right after that question, mentioning that it’s a “glass half full” approach rather than a “glass half empty” approach because he likes what he saw from the team in this tactic in game 2.
But what about what Rick Bowness had to say about the game overall in game 2? Was there other things that he saw about the Jets performance that could be good signs going in to game 3? Rick Bowness said that there was some general improvements, saying
“Well, we improved our game last night. We did. The 1st period we weren’t in any trouble until the last couple of minutes… [and] the last 5 minutes of that 2nd period for the most part we were even with them. So the shots regardless, the chances, were the same, so we’ll take that, knowing we can play a little bit better.”
It really does appear that the overall outlook for Bowness is that the team should feel confident about the way they played in game 2 in the bigger picture. The goal is simply to go to Colorado, work on a few things, and come back to Winnipeg for game 5 with at least 1 win on the road.
Another topic of discussion that has been brought up over the last day or two is about what the Avalanche did in game 1 and 2 to prevent the Jets from playing their style of play. Bowness seemed to agree with what some people noticed just from watching the games, which is that
“They move the puck quicker. They recognize what you’re doing and they go to the open ice. They move the puck really quickly so you don’t have time sometimes to get up there. Again, there was some big improvements last night, but we have to be better.”
It’s tough not to worry about what your opponent does well against your team, but Bowness sees it as an opportunity for his team to work on their own game. He knows that they do need to be better and work on limiting the Avalanche’s chances, but it all starts with his team knowing what they need to do when they get out there on the ice.
Overall, it seems like Bowness had some good things to say about his team as they prepare for game 3. He knows, as does the Jets, that there are some specific improvements that need to be made if they want to win this series. The Jets also seem to understand that it will be tough to play in Colorado, not just because of the altitude, but because the Avalanche had one of the best home records in the NHL this season. They’re ready to embrace this challenge, and it’s the playoffs, so anything can happen. So there’s some reasons for you to be optimistic about the Jets’ chances in their round 1 matchup!
The Jets are scheduled to do a final tune up for game 3 when they practice in Colorado this afternoon. Game 3 gets underway tomorrow night at Ball Arena, puck drop just after 9 pm CT.
Click here to view to the full interview with Rick Bowness, video provided by IllegalCurve.com!


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