3 things the Winnipeg Jets might want to consider doing in game 3

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Connor Baldwin
2 days ago
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The day after a Jets playoff loss is never easy. It just feels way different than the morning after a regular season loss, you know what I mean? It’s just 1 loss though, that’s the beauty of the playoffs, 1 loss is fine in the bigger picture, and there’s still potentially 5 games to go in this series. If you remember back to the day after game 1, I wrote an article about what the Jets did well in game 1 and what the Jets could improve on in game 2. Looking back at what I said that they needed to improve on, they only did 1 out of those 3 things last night, which was improve their penalty kill.
The Jets weren’t completely terrible last night, but after a loss in a playoff game I think it’s best to consider what should change going into the next game. Could I include some things that went well? Sure, I probably could. This time instead of 3 things the Jets should improve on, I’m going to give you 3 things that the Jets might (key word here) want to consider going in to game 3. As you’ll see coming up, 1 thing is part of a gameplan, 1 thing is an action, and 1 thing is related to mindset. Knowing that, you’ll understand a bit better how I break down my considerations for the Jets.
1. Jets should go back to a more defensive play style 
As I just mentioned above, this consideration is the gameplan one. The simplest way that I can put this is that these first 2 games of this series have not been the same Jets hockey we’ve seen throughout the regular season. The Avalanche seemed to find their identity in the defensive end in game 2, backed by a solid game by Alexandar Georgiev and an overall improved defensive game. But where has the Jets defensive game been? 11 goals allowed in 2 games is never a recipe for success. A big factor in winning any playoff series is seeing which team can make the games be played in their preferred style, and so far the Avalanche have done that. Goaltending is one part of a defensive play style, which I’ll get to shortly, but the Jets need to find a way to limit the Avalanche chances as the series shifts to Colorado, where the Avalanche have played great all season. Game 3 needs to have a defense first approach for the Jets.
2. Laurent Brossoit should be an option to play in game 3
This consideration is the action, and I know what you’re thinking: how could the Jets possibly think about not starting Connor Hellebuyck in game 3? Remember, this list of 3 things are just considerations, meaning I just want them to think about it before making a decision. Laurent Brossoit has been a great backup goalie all season long, and he should be an option in game 3 even if it’s not as the starter. If the Avalanche get 3 or 4 goals early, it might be best to give Hellebuyck a little reset and see what Brossoit can do in the playoffs. Hellebuyck, despite giving up 6 goals in game 1, gave his team a chance to win, but the rest of his recent playoff stats don’t look good. According to Sportsnet Stats, Hellebuyck is 1-5-0 with a 4.34 GAA and a save % of .876 in his last 6 playoff games. In the first 2 games of the series, Hellebuyck has a 5.00 GAA and a .870 SV %. Certainly not ideal to say the least, which is why the Jets need to carefully consider who’s in net come game 3.
3. Slowing down the play when momentum shifts in the Avalanche favour
The 3rd consideration has to do with a mindset change for the Jets in game 3. What I mean by slowing down the play here isn’t so much a gameplan shift, but it’s rather an in-game mental adjustment. During the playoffs, momentum can shift in a matter of seconds, and it’s important that the team on the wrong side of the momentum doesn’t start to get frustrated or panic. The Jets were up 2-1 in game 2 halfway into the 2nd, but the Avalanche got 3 goals in the last 6 minutes of the 2nd to quickly make it 4-2. It was a series of unfortunate events, from a shot off a post, a giveaway by Hellebuyck, and a turnover leading to a breakaway all before the period was over. That stuff will happen in the playoffs. If the Jets can just calm themselves when the game isn’t going their way, it’ll go a long way into keeping themselves in the right mindset for the rest of the game and series.
Out of these 3 considerations, which do you think the Jets will do in game 3? Again, each one of them is different in their own way, from gameplan to action to mindset. The Jets will have many questions for themselves as the series shifts to Colorado for game 3 and 4, and these are just 3 of the things that they should consider at some point before game 3 begins. The good news for the Jets is that they’ll have today and tomorrow off to prepare for Friday night’s game 3. Will the Jets get back to what made them so successful in the regular season? You shall see come game time on Friday.


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