Jets Nation Radio: We trust Cheveldayoff with the Hellebuyck trade

By Goose
11 months ago
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We open this week’s podcast with Angus and Ray chatting about the Eastern Conference finals and then talk about Jets 1.0 as we talk about Arizona Coyotes and where they could land after their arena debacle.
Ray talks about which contracts will need to be extended starting on July first. Angus brings up Leon Gawanke and his comments about the Jets and his time with the organization. Lots of young defender talk and what the Jets need to do to get the young players in the line.
Should the Jets buy out Blake Wheeler or is there a trade for him? Ray breaks down why the pros and cons of trading and buying out the former Winnipeg Jets captain.


Angus goes on a tangent about “insiders” and their bad reporting. Ray brings us some comfort on the rumblings from inside and why we hear so much nonsense at this time of year.
Discounted Jets jerseys, is this a sign of things to come? What will a Connor Hellebuyck trade mean for the Jets will it kill the team or bring them to a new level? What does a trade for Connor Hellebuyck look like who is in on the deal and what does the deal need to have in it to keep people in Jets Nation happy?
Which goalies can replace Hellebuyck for the Jets in the near future?
Why does fighting need to stay in the NHL and finally, the future of Brad Lambert in the NHL next season?

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