I have 100% confidence in Connor Hellebuyck

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By Goose
3 days ago
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Most of us have moved on from the fact that the Winnipeg Jets allowed six goals in game one against the Colorado Avalanche. In a game one situation where a goaltender allows six goals and you have faith in your backup goaltender, you would go to them. The Jets have a future two-time Vezina Trophy winner as their starter in Connor Hellebuyck, and he will be the Jets’ starter for game two.
This regular season, Hellebuyck had four games where he allowed five goals. After most of these games, Hellebuyck would play the next game for the Jets and would come out with a victory. The only time he didn’t do that was during the Jets’ six-game losing streak when he was pulled with just 29:00 minutes playing against the New York Islanders, and he would lose the next game 3-0 to the Washington Capitals. I am willing to call that one an anomaly.
Oct. 17 vs. LA Kings .828 SV% 5GA. Next game Oct 21 vs. Edmonton Oilers .950 SV% 2 GA
Feb. 19 vs. Calgary Flames .848 SV% 5 GA. Next game Feb 23 vs. Chicago BlackHawks .943 SV% 2 GA
Mar. 9 vs. Vancouver Canucks .864 SV% 5 GA. Next game Mar. 11 vs. Washington Capitals shutout
Mar. 23 vs New York Islanders .808 SV% and was pulled. Next game Mar.24 vs Washinton Capitals .842SV% 3 GA
Connor Hellebuyck has proved to us that he can get back at it after a rough game. I am not saying game one was bad game for number 37 he put up a .925 SV% during 5-on-5 play. The Jets allowed two penalty kill goals against, the special teams will need to be significantly better if they want to go deep into the post season.
Jets head coach Rick Bowness talked about how honest the team was after the 7-6 victory.
“sometimes you have to be honest with how you played and our guys have been very honest about that.”
That’s been the narritive about the Jets after game one the team needs to tighter defencively. I fully expect everyone else to wake up and be less anxious about the playoffs. Hellebuyck will be better because his team will be better.
“I have 100% faith in Connor if he has a bad goal or a bad game, I have been around some great goaltenders, they all have that same quality. A bad goal or bad game won’t bother him and will move on”
The players, the coaches and most of the fans all have faith Hellebuyck. But the most important person to have faith in the Jets starter is Hellebuyck himself.
In the press conference on March 22nd Hellebuyck was asked how he was feeling after game one.
“When I am leaving the game I’m feeling it, I’m playing really good and when you have a result like that there’s not much to be sad about. Playoffs doesn’t matter how just get your wins and move on. Everyday is new and you just need to focus on tomorrow.”
We as fans should trust Hellebuyck will get back into his true Vezina groove.


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