Exploring Hot, Cold Performers From Jets’ Game 4 Defeat

By Goose
3 years ago
With the Winnipeg Jets trailing 3-0 in this second-round series against the Montreal Canadiens, they desperately needed to come away victorious Monday night, unfortunately, they lost a heartbreaker in overtime as their 2020-21 season draws to a close.

Hot Performer of Period One

@Nikolaj Ehlers, I loved his performance in the first period. Though he couldn’t clear the puck on Montreal’s second goal, he was buzzing with good defensive plays. It wasn’t anything special, but he was playing his game and displayed amazing hustle. Ehlers was the only Jet who was still playing with pride and believed this team had a chance to advance to the third round.

Cold Performer of Period One

@Pierre-Luc Dubois, you were supposed to be this playoff phenom and you lost how many pucks in this series? He gave up on plays and couldn’t have been more frustrating.
Let’s start this off with some honesty. I generally write these during the games, after the second goal I slammed my computer and was tempted to just shut off the game, but my roommate, bless his heart, gave the speech of the century. “You can’t quit now you’ve spent the last year devoting your free time to write about the Jets, they have shocked you multiple times this year, no one took them seriously but you watched every game and tried so hard to be positive even during that seven-game losing streak. You cheered against your hometown team (Edmonton Oilers) and watched the Jets sweep them and you were over the moon when they won, you believed in them so much that you bought a jersey. Don’t let two goals bring you down, they will surprise us.”
Except they didn’t…

Hot performer of Period Two

The big man who gave all of Winnipeg a touch of hope there might be a chance for this team to not only win Game Four but maybe pull off the impossible. @Logan Stanley took two shots on goal and scored the only two goals of the game. The Jets were lacking shots during the first two periods, Stanley certainly helped them in that department, which was great to see.

Cold Performer of Period Two

I don’t know how you can be shuffled on four different lines and still not care?! Every time I saw No. 13 on the ice, I was frustrated. Maybe it’s our fault for being too hard on Dubois and maybe he’s become apathetic to the Jets. I don’t know what went on with him, but something needs to change for the guy.

Hot Performer of Period Three

@Connor Hellebuyck, he stopped all 14 shots in the third period and kept the Jets alive while the Canadiens were buzzing. He played the puck well around his net and didn’t commit any unforced errors, which has been a major issue for him in the past. There’s no question he’ll be disappointed by the outcome of this game, but he did everything possible to try and help his club preserve its season.

Cold Performer of Period Three

This goes to the Jets’ forwards, they managed just one shot on goal in almost 12 minutes of the third period. You’re on the verge of elimination and that’s the effort you’re going to give? The Canadiens only had three of their top four defensemen, and yet, the Jets still couldn’t generate nearly enough scoring chances or pressure in the offensive zone – that’s completely unacceptable.


Just pain. It’s that simple.
That’s a wrap on the season, we’ll be here throughout the off-season providing quality articles regarding the Jets. Let me know your thoughts on my hot and cold performers of Game Four in the comments below and if you want to wallow in the pain of this sweep you can hit me up on Twitter or Instagram – @angushout.

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