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By Goose
1 year ago
Welcome to Jets Nation brought to you by NHL bets site Betway!
Happy New Year! Angus Hout and Sam Brownell discuss the Winnipeg Jets’ win over the Edmonton Oilers. Angus talks about why the Jets won and then proceeds to complain about the Oilers and how bad they are. The guys talk about the freak injuries in the NHL.  talk about Christmas gifts and prairie driving at 4:30- 6:20. Sam talks about what the team will look like when it is fully healthy. 6:20-11:30.
Angus asks Sam if Connor Bedard is a point-a-game player next year. Bedard talk is from 11:30-15:40. Are you worried about Neal Pionk? We are. But also pump his tires and shame the Oilers. Pionk-related talk is 15:40-17:36. Sam Gagner Trivia! Sam isn’t good at it. Trivia starts at 17:36-23:55. Angus asks about the Jets’ future in 2023.


Angus makes a bold claim about Connor Hellebuyck Sam is rattled by this claim. 23:56- 27:00. The boys review the year 2022 with the Jets.  27:01-28:40. The guys talk about the reffing in the NHL and what can make it better. 30:10-38:00 for the reffing talk. Angus asks a big dumb question at 38:01-40:10.The boys wrap it up by looking at the week ahead and talking about the Jets Florida Panthers points race.

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