Full disclosure, I personally I am not fan of national anthems before sporting events. I find they are a bit decisive, various fan bases – ours included – have basically made them little side shows where they try to fit in as many code words like “TRUE NORTH” and “STARS” and “RED” into the songs as they can.
It hasn’t happened as much lately, but there was a time it was almost common place to see one anthem or the other boo’ed during playoff games by over-zealous fans. Not to mention it seems to be just an open invitation to critique people with the courage to belt out a tune in buildings with the worst acoustics.
All of those feelings I have are moot when the Hoosli Ukrainian Male Chorus of Winnipeg sing the anthems before a Jets game.
The chorus is celebrating their 50th anniversary and as their yearly tradition, they performed the anthems before tonight’s Ducks / Jets game.
And. They. Nailed. It.
Now maybe it’s just a coincidence, but the Jets after these anthems proceeded to hammer on the Ducks for six goals in the first period of their game.
Maybe coincidence, but I have my doubts. I personally was ready to chop down trees after hearing this.
Can we have these guys more than once a year? Like say, round one game one of the 2019 NHL playoffs?