JNGD.77 Recap: Jets Lose in Once in a Lifetime Game

To be honest, this should have been a boring game. The Jets should have easily beaten the Blackhawks and the entire team should have scored multiple points.

However, this did not happen and the game was boring, until the 3rd, because of how poorly the Jets played against the ‘hawks.

What happened next was probably a once in a lifetime thing. The emergency back up goalie for the Blackhawks, Scott Foster, was forced to take the net due to the Collin Delia being hurt. He would stop all shots faced and be the 1st star of the game.

Normally, I wouldn’t talk so highly of the other team in a recap, but it was one of those games.

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  • The Jets felt flat to start the first. Yes, they got shots, but they’re play a rookie goalie, who wasn’t prepared to start and has a .906 save percentage…in the AHL.
  • We’ve seen flashes of Eric Comrie looking like he’s getting close to more regular NHL action, then he has periods like the first period
  • I actually didn’t mind Byfuglien pinching on Kane’s goal. If he’s able to keep the puck in, we’re praising him on added possession in the offensive zone for the Jets.
  • Rest is going to be the name of the game for the Jets. They continued to look pretty tired and checked out.
  • It was nice to see Kyle Connor’s hustle, while down 5-1, which led to him making a sweet assist on Scheifele’s goal.
  • What a crazy end to the game. Rookie goalie Collin Delia of the Blackhawks got hurt and 36 year old Scott Foster, who was on an ATO and hadn’t played hockey at a high level for 15 years, stepped into the Blackhawks’ net.
  • Even though the Jets lost 6-2, what a night. The legend of Scott Foster has begun. First goalie on an ATO to step in and finish out the game to a win. He faced 7 shots and made 7 saves.



Stats & charts courtesy Corsica.Hockey


For Winnipeg: Kyle Connor – This game the Jets did a lot of nothing. But, one thing that stood out was the hustle on Kyle Connor’s assist on Scheifele’s goal.

For Chicago: Scott Foster – What can I say about Scott Foster? 7 for 7, stepped in as an emergency back up, just a regular guy who had an experience of a lifetime. The 36 year old hadn’t played more than beer league hockey since at Western Michigan University in 05-06. He made this game worth watching.


The Jets face off against the Toronto Maple Leafs in Toronto on Saturday at 6:00PM.

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