Jets Nation Roundtable: Make A Change


There are plenty of issues facing the Winnipeg Jets beyond goaltending.

Sure, the goaltending has been an issue at times over the season and it was a little more under the microscope during the team’s recent road trip, but there has been no shortage of team wide issues that have had media and fans alike stating what they would do if they were running the team. Everything from changing coaches to benching certain players and promoting other players to more prominent roles.

So today the guys get asked what would they change if they had the option? The catch? They only get to pick one thing.

Paul Maurice has asked for your advice to make one change to how the Jets are being ran now. You have the option of making a change to the lineup, making a roster move, make a personnel decision or you can change up the team’s on-ice strategy. What do you tell him?

Cammers: Play Nic Petan in the top-six. Petan has proven that he can contribute offensively at every level below the NHL. He’s the kind of player that can replace some of Laine’s missing offense. Put him on Bryan Little’s wing and keep the Ehlers-Scheifele duo together.

Dustin: If I had the ability to influence one coaching decision, I think I’d like to see the swap of Toby and Josh. I’d like to see Byfuglien and Enstrom and defence pairing 1A and Trouba/Morrissey as 1B. I think Enstrom’s steadiness might help reign Byfuglien in a little bit and Trouba has really come on as of late and I think Morrissey/Trouba has the potential to be the top pair around these parts for years to come, so we might as well let them develop some chemistry. We already have a “younger” PP unit and an “older” PP unit, why not an “older” d-pair and a “younger” one?

Art: I keep feeling like the biggest issue this team has is the play on defense and I am convinced it’s due to the way or the system they play. It seems like a sort of man-to-man zone defense which lends itself to more blown assignments in coverage and opposing players being left all alone beside the net just waiting for a pass to get to them while three Jets helplessly watch a puck whizz past them. It also leads to poor zone exits if they even get out of their own zone. So my one change is the way they play defense. Go to more of a strict zone play and start playing more to the strengths of guys like Byfuglien and Trouba who could be great on the offensive end of things but need to be in a system that allows them to play that way without the team getting burned when four other players on the ice didn’t “cover” for them because that’s not what the system they play calls for.

Garret: Hire Garret. But seriously, figure out those damn special teams and penalty differential.

What do you think? We want to hear from our great readers, if you had one call to make to change virtually anything about the Jets – be it how they play, who plays or who coaches them – what would you change? Leave your comments below or reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook!