WWYDW: Should Kevin Cheveldayoff’s Days Be Numbered?

Welcome to this week’s version of What Would You Do Wednesday where you are asked a question and debate among yourselves what the answer is. Unfortunately, the only prize you will receive will be the most Twitter mentions. 

This week’s WWYDW asks if Kevin Cheveldayoff should be on the hot seat after a dismal 2015-16 season by the Jets.

Take a read and let us know what you think!

The trade deadline
is going to be an interesting test for Kevin Cheveldayoff. He did not
re-sign notable free agents Lee Stempniak and Jiri Tlusty, leaving them to be signed by other teams in the 2015 off-season. As well,
Cheveldayoff did not address defensive depth issues.

After making the
playoffs for the first time as the Winnipeg Jets 2.0 in 2014-15, the
Jets will most likely finish in the bottom 5 at the end of the 2015-16 season.

Cheveldayoff was
confident that young players could step up and replace the secondary
scoring lost by free agency, but that has clearly not happened.

Are Cheveldayoff’s
days numbered? Or should Mark Chipman and True North Entertainment
give Kevin Cheveldayoff one more chance?

What Would You Do
Jets Nation?

Is it time for
Cheveldayoff to go? There are names like Mike Gillis and Laurence
Gilman out there, unemployed by NHL teams.

Should Cheveldayoff
have his fate decided during the off-season after the trade deadline,
draft, and opening of free agency?

Or, is Cheveldayoff
fine? Even if Andrew Ladd is lost to free agency or traded for
peanuts, developing a new core will breath life into this team.

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  • Gorfad

    Chevy’s fate should be decided in the off season, depending on what he does with Ladd, a decent return will keep Chevy around for at least 1 more season. Still has to figure out what to do with the RFAs, though, as long as contract talks don’t get out of hand I can’t see him signing anything too bad.
    Ideally in the off season sign some more vets and let the kids mature 1-2 more years in the AHL.

  • #12MorrisLukowich

    OK…it’s becoming quite obvious who really runs this gong show…When you let premier forecheckers leave for $5mil a season, and offer moderate scoring wingers $6mil per for 6 seasons, and have that winger balk, then do nothing to address that situation, and think you have drafted legitimate replacement talent when your minor league team is wallowing in last place, and are forcing coaches to play wingers on their offwing, and Dmen on their offwing, and centers who are slow & plodding, and Jr. coaches that have 0 NHL experience, and no assistant coaches who specialize in anything outside of defense and have that defense rank as one of the worst in the league, and have dmen, forwards & goalies that have no right to play in the NHL because they can’t…and you keep that same unproductive, non-playoff core for 5 seasons…either your GM is an incredibly incompetent boob…or the owner is running the show…badly…even the 2011 Stanley Cup Bruins have but 5 original members from that year…the Jets !?…almost untouched…