That was game four of the Smyth division semi-final in 1990, the last Jets’ playoff victory over the Oilers. Normally Oiler fans might cringe watching this, but considering you know that Bill Ranford, Jari Kurri and Mark Lamb were heroes in the next three games I thought it would be a nice "welcome back" for Jets fans.

The best part of this video is that after the goal was scored Don Wittman and John Garrett didn’t speak for 1:20. They let the viewers soak in the atmosphere of an electric building. I wish TV execs would allow viewers the same opportunity now rather than go to the replay in the first 10 seconds. Watching the celebration on the ice and in the stands after an OT goal is much better than seeing a replay five times.

Tonight these two organizations meet for the first time since March 29th, 1996, a 3-2 Oilers victory led by Miro Satan’s two goals. This will be one of only two meetings between these former-rivals, so we’ll likely have to wait until next year to feel any sense of the old rivalry, but it’s still great to have the Jets back in the NHL.

You can watch tonight’s tilt here starting at 8:30 MDT. It will be your 2nd and final chance to watch Ryan Nugent-Hopkins in this tourney. The plan is for most players to play two games, some might play three due to injuries, but RNH likely won’t play tomorrow. Here’s the rest of tonight’s lineup.

Curtis Hamilton (2nd round, 2010) – Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (1st, 2011) – Kristian Pelss (7th, 2010)
Brett Ferguson (FA, played in Red Deer, 21 years old) – Tyler Pitlick (2nd, 2010) – Tobias Rieder (4th, 2011)
Drew Czerwonka (6th, 2011) – Colin Smith (FA, plays for Kamloops, 18) – Toni Rajala (4th, 2009)
Antti Tyrvainen (FA, played in Finland, 22) – Chase Schaber (FA, Kamloops, 20) – Ryan Martindale (3rd, 2010)

Brandon Davidson (6th, 2010) – Jeremie Blain (4th, 2010)
Martin Gernat (5th, 2011) -Taylor Fedun (FA, played at Princeton, 23)
Wes Vannieuwenhuizen (FA, Vancouver, 19) – Ryan Lowery (FA, played at Colorado College, 23)

Tyler Bunz (5th, 2010)

Martindale was orginially not going to dress, but they switched him and Cam Abney after the morning skate, just to get a different look for tonight’s game. OKC head coach Todd Nelson wants to see Martindale on the wing, and he is excited to see Pitlick in the middle.

The Jets will play their first round pick from June, Mark Scheifele with the same wingers as last night, Jason Gregoire and Carl Klingberg. The Jets also have Edmonton native, Levko Koper playing tonight. Koper is a 21-year-old FA on a tryout with the Jets after scroing 32 goals and 82 points with the Spokane Chiefs last year.


After Colten Tuebert got rocked with a solid punch that broke his nose on Sunday night, some wondered if fighting in rookie camps should be banned. Tuebert is not concussed, despite some who aren’t in Penticton seem to think, but he did suffer a badly broken nose.

I sense many people are more against staged fights rather than the spur-of-the-moment fights, and I’d agree with that. If we could find a way to rid the game of the staged fights, I’d be all for it, but I don’t want to see ones that happen in the heat of the battle disappear.

As for no fighting at rookie camps, the early response from coaches, players and management is that they aren’t in favour of it. There has been over 15 fights in the tourney thus far, and outside of Tuebert’s broken nose no player has been injured.

Would you want rookie camps to ban fighting to protect young players? I’m not in favour of it, and it doesn’t sound like many here are, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. 

    • OilLeak

      I don’t see a problem with defense pairings for tonight, with the exception of the third pairing. Davidson/Blaine should be solid and Fedun/Gernat are a nice pairing as well.

      Interesting combination on the third line. 2 grinders and skill player. The lineup still looks strong enough to get the job done tonight.

  • I remember that 1990 Jets/Oilers series really, really well.

    I remember Winnipeg coach Bob Murdoch pacing up and down the Jets bench in Game 1 telling his players to “Shoot the puck from everywhere. Shoot the puck from everywhere. Shoot the puck from everywhere,” after Billy Ranford struggled.

    I remember how Ranford rebounded to essentially become a world-class goalie for that series (and indeed, for the next 2-3 seasons).

    And yeah, I can remember all of the folks in Winnipeg thinking they had us beat after Ellett scored. I think I actually walked over to the kitchen sink and dry-heaved at the thought of losing to Winnipeg.

    But, yeah, Kurri, Lamb and Ranford took over after that.

    It was a great, great series.

  • RexLibris

    I’m looking forward to another look at Gernat as well as players like Davidson, Blain, and Fedun. I can’t wait to see Pitlick, I was hoping to see him here last year when the Tigers were in town but had to work. I’ve also been very curious about Rajala, if he’s going to turn into an Omark-type player (skill NHLer) or become someone like Cornet, who I think will become a PP specialist or a dominant AHL player. It’s too bad Tyrvainen is playing tonight, I was hoping he’d go against Calgary and drive some Flames players (and fans) nuts just so I could read about it on FN.

    After watching that last game I think the defence for the team is actually sitting fairly well for the future at least, and I would like to see them draft a D-man this June in the first round (Murray, Reinhart, Dumba) and then focus on some more forwards in later rounds to re-stock all the ones we’ll be graduating this year and next.

    Here’s hoping the prospects can go 3-0. It might be one of the few times any Oilers do this year.

  • Little Buttcheeks

    Looking forward to seeing Pitlick in the middle. He was very imprssive last season around this time and I want to see him continue to progress as a player. If this guy can become a 2nd/3rd line center then our picture will just continue to get brighter.

  • Welcome back Winterpeg……it has been a long time coming that the Mighty OIL have had a door mate! Flames (lames) aside, I am very happy that we have another Western Canadian Team in the mix. Congrats to the Jets for being back in the game! This is the one and only time I will say that so take it as a compliment for it is meant to be. Now, the season is upon us and its time. Go Oil Go!

  • I’m really looking forward to this one tonight. I felt going into the tourney that Edm had the best team. I had no idea what to expect from the Jets. They looked excellent last night against the Sharks. Maybe it’s because they have the smallest roster but they seem to have gelled faster than the other teams.

    It would be great if both top lines went head to head. RNH vs Scheifele should be fun.

  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    Might’ve been said already but what is Cam Abney going to show off if there is no fighting? Ask Abney if he wants to remove fighting, even staged fighting, from the rookie tourney. Then he’ll really stand out.

  • dawgbone98

    I don’t think you have to ban it, just increase the penalty for it in rookie tournaments.

    Make it a 5 plus an automatic game misconduct. You’ll still get a guy fighting to protect his teammate, but you’ll avoid the guys trying to start crap in blowout hockey games.

    Your ability to fight should be about the last thing that matters. It certainly is during the most important games of the year, why not the least important?

      • bigrroberto

        Awesome thanks!

        I’m a big fan having watched him for a few years here in Red Deer. Its funny how whenever I hear about an amazing play he makes I’m not surprised about it because it happens all the time, and yet every time I watch him play he surprises me with his talent.

        Good to see he’s doing well so far. You guys will really be amazed at what he can do once he gets comfortable.

  • bigrroberto


    I like your take on Witman and Garret just letting the game happen (or in this case the game end). One of my pet peeves with all north american sports broadcasts is that they are overproduced and over commentated. There is nothing wrong with just letting the game happen. I don’t need someone yakking into my ear every second of the game. I can usually figure out what is happening in the game without Steve Weekes’ or Louis DeBrusk’s inciteful analysis.