The following is a look at the machinations and plots behind the scenes at the Nation Network. If you don’t care/don’t want to know please click here to read a riveting piece about the Oilers overcoming an early season insistence on using the swarm defense. You have been warned.
Late at night while everyone is asleep in their beds, little elves are hard at work redeveloping the 9 site Nation Network. This will mean a new look and new functionality across the sites, especially Once this Herculean task has been completed and the sites are all working from the same technology playbook we will get back to growing the Nation Network in terms of writers, sites and functionality. 
The Nation Network continues to grow year after year. Believe it or not we now see more traffic on a month to month basis in the US than in Canada and our sixth busiest city is now Helsinki, Finland. While we try to wrap our collective brains around those two facts and attempt to compute the direction in which we must head, work goes on mashing all our different outposts, 18,000 articles and 631,000 comments onto a new platform without losing a single precious word or well constructed comment.
We are currently 4 months into the redevelopment project working with contractors in Toronto and should start seeing some new babies pushed screaming out into the world in the next few weeks. From there we will begin work on the Nation Network App which will pull in data and articles from different sites and will include a sequel to the ever popular Clash of Clans.*
The team is growing too – we now count 56 writers on our roster and 6 FT staff at Nation Network World HQ and Car Wash in Edmonton and a second office now open in Toronto.** And today we are very pleased to name Thomas Drance as our Editor-in-Chief.


Thomas Drance – a legit good guy if ever there was one – was one of our very first contributors to CanucksArmy back in 2011. Despite the notable handicap of having to write about one of history’s greatest abominations of a hockey squadron he did an excellent job and was named Site Editor shortly thereafter. Then we lost him in a gunfight to The Score but won him back with promises of “being cloaked in immense power” working with a company that is “totally clothing optional.”
And today he follows in the footsteps of yours truly, Kent Wilson and Brian Sutherby being named our fourth Editor in Chief.
What say you Mr Drance?
“So today is my first day as the Editor in Chief of the Nation Network. I’m honoured and excited to be entrusted with the opportunity of managing Canada’s biggest independent hockey blog network, and I’m dedicated to preserving and improving upon what you all love about the Nations Network.
My main priorities are to improve our news and in-game content offerings across the network, to improve upon and shepherd it into being the best and most reliable resource for salary and advanced statistical data on the internet, and to add to the diversity of our cast and content offerings. 
I’m also prepared to build into a go-to destination for Winnipeg Jets fans. To that end, I’d like to formally announce that Garret Hohl is joining us as the new managing editor at 
You’ll begin to see some changes to how we conduct our business – from a content stand point – right away, and I hope the Nations faithful come to enjoy our new direction. 
Fists fly forever.”


Fists fly forever?! Man, that’s dope. Please leave any comments you would like the new boss to peruse in the section below. And while Drance consolidates his power and shows little mercy to his enemies during the come up we will get back to tasering our contractors in Toronto.
Good luck Thom.
* Seriously imagine it did? That would be sick. That game runs my show.
** No actual office exists yet – just awesome folks working FT from coffee shops and their homes.