On Thursday it was revealed that the ailment that has kept forward @Mark Letestu out of the @Winnipeg Jets lineup the last three games is a virus in his heart more commonly known as Myocarditis.
Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart muscle that affects the heart muscle and attacks the heart’s electrical system which reduces the heart’s ability to pump blood and causes rapid or abnormal heart rhythms. These initial problems can lead to more severe issues related to blood circulation in the body and possible blood clots that could cause a stroke or heart attack.
In speaking Thursday with reporters, Paul Maurice stressed that in Letestu’s case, the infection was caught early enough that it can be treated and that the long-term health of the 34 year old Letestu isn’t in jeopardy, but that he would have to be kept off the ice for at least six months while he undergoes treatment and recovery, effectively ending his season.
(And no, this probably has nothing to do with the fact he ate mustard on the bench during the pre-season)
Letestu had signed a one-year, $700,000 contract with the Jets this past summer and was able to dress in seven games at the start of this season, but had zero points.
We wish all the best to Mark and his family and hope for a full recovery.