Jets Nation Radio: RFA’s, Blake Wheeler and cheese’s

By Goose
8 months ago
Its a beautiful Sunday so a great day to talk about the Winnipeg Jets and whats happening in the NHL.
Angus Hout opens with the Stanley Cup winners the Vegas Golden Knights and why they won’t understand real hardships.
RFA contracts need to get extended. Morgan Barron’s contract could come in cheap but should he get a longer contract. How long should you extend Dylan Samberg?
Angus makes a BOLD claim about Samberg and his future in Winnipeg. Ray gives us his predictions on the future Kevin Stenlund and Logan Stanley.What position should the Jets pick up, Ray gives his insight.
How much is Pierre-Luc Dubois’ contract worth next season? Which team pays up for PLD? How does the weak UFA class effect the Jets trade pieces. Is Blake Wheeler bought out or does someone trade for the former captain.
The Jets signed their first player of the off-season, will Fabian Wagner be a Jet anytime soon?
It’s the offseason so we get into the silly stuff and find out more about Ray and Angus and some of their personal life things its tons of fun!

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