Are the Winnipeg Jets really a 3-5 team?

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By Goose
1 year ago
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This week we start with a big question. Are the Jets a true 5-3-1 team? Sam Brownell opens with some good reasons why the Winnipeg Jets are a truly good team. Angus and Sam gush about the defence and their offensive abilities.
Angus talks about the Jets app and whether it’s good or not. There are talks about why the young defenders are playing 15 minutes of hockey or less a night. Sam Makes a point of bringing Ville Hienola in to play some NHL hockey. Angus brings up his concerns with the Jets’ faceoffs.
Can Kyle Connor score? Sam tells us why we don’t need to worry about the Jets’ best goal scorer. Angus talks about his big mistake in his fantasy hockey team. Angus speculates on when Nikolaj Ehlers returns and what the lines will look like when he returns.


The boys talk about building a big power line. This leads to talking about loving the bottom six and where it currently is. There’s some talk about Mullett arena and what the guys did and did not like about the Arizona Coyotes’ newest home. Angus talks about what the Coyotes will look like in the next three to five years.
Do you extend Hellebuyck as soon as possible or do you wait for him and talk about what his next contract could look like. The guys talk about the Power play and why it sucks so much and what the Jets need to see some life from the extra man.
A quick look at the central division happens Angus is very confused about it. There is a quick preview of the week ahead for the Jets. Angus and Sam preview the Vegas Golden Knights and Winnipeg Jets game, and both Sam and Angus were wrong.

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