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Hey Sportsnet: Give Us Jets vs Predators From 2018!

With all of sports currently on a COVID hiatus, the sports TV networks have taken to showing older, classic games and while we all want our sports back – especially hockey – this isn’t a bad way to go. Last night, March 17th, Patrik Laine’s five goal game against the St. Louis Blues was shown across the network, albeit a bit late in the evening.

Because it was March 17 which is “St. Patrick’s Day” … Get it?

Anyway, I don’t know if Sportsnet is taking requests at this time (they totally should because if they want ratings, give the fans the games they want to see, right?) but if they are willing, then I would like to point @Sportsnet to the replies we got when we asked Winnipeg Jets fans which vintage Jets games they wanted to see…

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There were other votes for other games and they’d be cool to see as well… The Jets first playoff series clinching win against the Minnesota Wild in 2018 would be neat to watch. I saw a vote for game three of the 2015 series against the Anaheim Ducks which was a loss for the Jets, but it was the first NHL playoff game in Winnipeg since 1995. The Jets first pre-season game in 2011 (personal favorite of mine based on Dustin Byfuglien introducing himself to the Winnipeg faithful) or some of the classic Jets 1.0 games against the Oilers (Hello Dave Elliott OT Hero) or that crazy 9-8 game against the Flyers.

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(Those last two again aired on TSN, so not sure Sportsnet could do anything about that.)

But the overwhelming favorite is pretty much anything from that Jets / Predators series, which begs the question: Why not just show us all seven games?

Game seven was great for Jets fans, no one will deny this, but game five was a favorite mentioned by some as worthwhile viewing and how could anyone forget game three and the comeback that nearly blew the roof off of BMTSP?

And for as great as all four wins were for the Jets, the three losses are pretty good hockey to watch as well. Nashville needed two overtimes in game two just to make sure they didn’t go to Winnipeg down 0-2. Winnipeg was the better team in game four, but Pekka Rinne stood tall for at least one game.

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Look Sportsnet, we’re going to be going without actual live NHL action for a handful of weeks if not months, so you’ll have plenty of time to show vintage games from the other Canadian clubs. All we Jets fans are asking is that we get what a lot of us feel is arguably the greatest playoff series (so far) in Winnipeg Hockey History (sorry Dave Elliott OT Hero) and maybe the best playoff hockey that has featured a Canadian team in the last ten years. It was after all a matchup of the NHL’s two best teams through the regular season, in a series that everyone agreed happened about one round – or perhaps maybe even two rounds – too early.

Start with game one on a Sunday, air every game at the same time and same network (put it on just Sportsnet West, most sports fans have all five of your networks anyway) and conclude with game seven on Saturday night for the entire nation to watch all over again.

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No need to thank me Sportsnet for the brilliant idea, just be sure to put the series on sooner rather than later.