Photo Credit: Screenshot: TSN

ICYMJets – Andrew Copp: “It Was Shi**y”

Is the dress black and blue or white and gold?

Is the audio clip saying “Yanny” or is it saying “Laurel”?

Did Andrew Copp say “Shinny” or “Shitty”?

Following an awful first period where the Winnipeg Jets only manages seven shots against the Nashville Predators and nearly doubled that number in the amount of turnovers they were charged with (the scoreboard said 11, but it felt like it could have been higher than that) Andrew Copp had a brief walk-off first intermission interview with TSN’s Sara Orlesky where he was asked what the Jets needed to do get better in the second.

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“Ahh don’t turn the puck over, 11 giveaways in the first 11 minutes of the game, it’s horrendous. So we just need to play a completely different game than we played. We’re weren’t even playing hockey out there, it was shinny”

While Copp’s candid thoughts on how bad the Jets were in the first period in comparing their game to a casual pickup ODR game were a big enough shock, some viewers thought he used a much different word to describe their play.

Most fans came to realize that Copp did in fact say “shinny” but after that first period more harsh words were likely said inside the Jets dressing room. The Jets did get slightly better but still ended up losing a key Central Division game 1-0.

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