True Heritage Blue: Jets Reveal 2019 NHL Heritage Classic Jersey

After months of anticipation, the Winnipeg Jets have unveiled their newest jersey which will be worn for the first time on October 26 during the NHL Heritage Classic in Regina, Saskatchewan and to the surprise of pretty much nobody, it’s a modern blend of a couple of different past Winnipeg hockey eras.

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It’s pretty much what we expected to see for the last few months as concepts came forward and were rumored to be pretty much on the nose with what to expect. In the days leading up to the unveiling, we saw more and more clues including a tweeted out scoreboard image featuring the retro logo and Jets goalie Connor Hellebuyck breaking in a new mask…

We also had an idea that the Jets would roll with the home retro blue when the Calgary Flames – their opponent for the 2019 outdoor game – rolled out their new look earlier in the day.

Flames unveil their 2019 Heritage Classic jersey

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The crest on the Jets jersey is the same updated 80’s logo that was featured on the original Heritage Classic jersey that made it’s debut in 2016. The logo is a darker shade of blue than what the original 80’s crest has. There was also some thought that since the jersey was rumored to be a home blue, the logo would be an inverted version of the blue crest, much like the 80’s NHL jerseys featured a logo with a white background, but the blue logo on a blue jersey is pretty faithful to the original look of the WHA days.

Speaking of the WHA look, that’s the era the new jersey – much like the 2016 Heritage jersey – takes it’s look from and it’s a little bit interesting that it was never a look that was used in the NHL until now. When the Jets made their move from the WHA to the NHL for the 1979-1980 season, they changed their uniform to feature bold striping down the sleeves.

While the Jets will wear this jersey for the first time in Regina, the team announced that they’ll also be wearing the Heritage Blue jersey on December 3rd against the Dallas Stars and February 11 against the New York Rangers.