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Jack Roslovic Adds His Name To An Already Strange Jets Off-Season

The 2018-19 NHL season is technically still ongoing at the moment, but the Jets have already had a crazy off-season with all sorts of rumors of locker-room strife, players about to be traded, players possibly asking or not asking for trade out of Winnipeg, a former hockey goon “breaking” a trade that nobody actually believed him on but still had a good laugh over, and now reports that Jack Roslovic has fired his agent, hired Claude Lemieux to be his new agent with word also getting out that Roslovic demanded a trade out of Winnipeg at least once, if not multiple times.

It started Wednesday afternoon with Aaron Porzline of The Athletic tweeting the following about Roslovic and his agent situation:

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The interesting part about that – aside from the news he was joining an agency group who is the head of North American hockey for 4Sports – is that at the end of the Jets season there had been some speculation on the part of Elliotte Friedman that Roslovic would want a bigger responsibility on the ice be it in Winnipeg or somewhere else.

“Jack Roslovic wants more of an opportunity, whether there or elsewhere.”

The Winnipeg News’ Mike McIntyre then added on saying that Roslovic’s frustration had been well known.

Mike doesn’t specifically mention that there was a trade request, but he also doesn’t deny and “many chats” with the general manager would lead one to believe that requests were certainly made. Although this information popping up does lead to wonder why it wasn’t a news item back in February/March.

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Thankfully about an hour later we had clarification of the whole situation from Roslovic’s now-former agent Ken Robinson who took to Twitter himself to clear the air.

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There is little doubt Jack Roslovic has a bright future – we stated as much last week in his yearly player review – but while he needs to continue to show improvement and a consistency in his game, some of the onus is also on Paul Maurice and the coaching staff to put him in positions and lines that will help him succeed. Giving him limited fourth line minutes certainly isn’t ideal.

This Jack Roslovic drama – if we can call it that – is just one more interesting plot line to add to what is shaping up to be the most interesting and perhaps most critical summer in Winnipeg hockey history. We can’t wait for tomorrow when the next headline will be Mathieu Perreault cutting himself in a shaving accident or some sort of crazy headline like that.

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  • Maurice is doing to Roslovic what he was doing to Scheifele. Scheifele was centering the third line and Maurice said that he had to develope his north south game. A week later Little got injured and Scheifele got a chance to play on the 1st line with Wheeler and Ladd and the rest is history. I guess that in that week Scheifele found his north south game and it didn’t have anything to do with playing with highly skilled line mates for the 1st time. Connor was sent back to the Moose until an injury forced Maurice to recall him, play him with skilled players and the rest is history. I guess the Roslovic will have to hope for an injury to Little and Perreault in order to get a chance to center the 2nd line and play with skilled players.