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Trade-A-Palooza 2019: You Suggested Trades And We Grade ‘Em

Last week, we asked you all on Twitter to share your trade ideas. We wanted your best, your worst and your craziest and you all didn’t disappoint… At least not in the amount of trades that were submitted to us. In terms of quality though? Well perhaps we discovered why most of you are on Twitter and not a general manager of a National Hockey League club.

So since the Jets are off for the week and we still need to write about stuff, here is our first group of trades that were submitted to us. Myself and a few of the JetsNation writers have looked them over and assigned them grades out of ten – although the grades aren’t exactly related into one particular category. We might have appreciated the creativity, or the absolute insaneness of the suggested deal.

Today we look at a few deals that involved trading everyone’s favorite non-playing Jet, Nic Petan.

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@Bennfrozen asked (and then deleted for some reason which is too bad because this was one of the more reasonable ideas): Petan and a 2nd for Derick Brassard.  Let me know if that’s unrealistic.

Josh: 7.5/10 – Something I would not turn down

Cassie: 8/10 – I wouldn’t hate this if it happened.

Zee: 4/10 – He has the potential to be an impact player for us but I don’t think the trade deadline is the best time to find that out. I’m not super into this right now, but it’s worth revisiting for July 1st.

Sean: 7/10 – Brassard was a guy the Jets kicked the tires on big time last year. Petan has no future with this franchise. Think this would work for both teams.

Art: 6/10 – Remember when the Jets were going to get Brassard and then Vegas seemingly blocked it, so the Jets got Stastny instead? I kind of want something like this to happen again this season. I wouldn’t be upset with Brassard, but I’d be ok if something even better happened.

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Josh: 3/10 – Not a trade I would be a fan of. Nurse seems to be an offense killer on the back end.

Cassie: 4/10 – I’d probably whine a little on twitter about this one.

Zee: 3/10 – I like the package but I’m not sure if Darnell Nurse is the right guy to shore up the defensive line.

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Sean: 5/10 – I like Nurse actually and as a fourth or 5th defenseman think he would certainly help the Jets. That being said I don’t think either team does this.

Art: 7/10 – Darnell is a player I’d love to be seen taken away from the Oilers strictly to see what his true potential could be as I am not sure the Oilers have developed him properly. That said I don’t know if Nurse is a player the Jets need right now and I still have hopes Logan Stanley will turn out to be a nice middle pairing shut down defenseman. Seems like a bit of an overpay.

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Josh: 6/10 – I would make this trade, however I think the pick would need to be a second rounder or maybe even a first.

Cassie: 7/10 – It’s not bad and I don’t feel there is a “loser” in this situation.

Zee: 7/10 – I like Edler, I’d do this. But like Josh says, I’m not sure if Vancouver would go for a third round pick.

Sean: 1/10 – No chance the Canucks even consider it.

Art: 7.5/10 – I like this deal but if the Canucks are still lurking in a position for a wild card spot, I would think you’d have to up that pick to a second round pick for sure.