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JN Picks: It’s Dangerous To Go Alone


It was a pretty good week for the crew but an exceptionally good one for Sean who went 6-1. Art and Cassie go 5-2 and Kyle finished 4-3.


Winnipeg Jets @ Florida Panthers (Thu Nov 1, 1 PM CST)

Art: Winnipeg – Laine should be fired up for this one!

Cassie: Winnipeg – They’ve got to get themselves together and this is a good chance for that.

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Kyle: Winnipeg – Laine’s going to come up big in his homeland.

Sean: Winnipeg

New Jersey Devils @ Detroit Red Wings (Thu Nov 1, 6:30 PM CST)

Art: New Jersey – We might have to stop picking games that involve the Wings, these are pretty easy to predict.

Cassie: New Jersey – Detroit is #bad.

Kyle: New Jersey – Detroit is not good… at all…

Sean:New Jersey

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Florida Panthers @ Winnipeg Jets (Fri Nov 2, 1 PM CST)

Art: Winnipeg – It’s tempting to think there may be a split in these two games, but anything less than two wins against Florida would be a disappointing trip for the Jets

Cassie: Winnipeg – Again, this is where they pull it together. (I hope)

Kyle: Winnipeg – The Jets keep rolling and take the Global Sweep

Sean: Winnipeg – Jets grab both Finland games, use the trip to figure it all out

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Carolina Hurricanes @ Arizona Coyotes (Fri Nov 2, 9 PM CST)

Art: Arizona – Don’t look now, but the Coyotes have put together some wins.

Cassie: Carolina – They’re a fun team right now.

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Kyle: Carolina – Raanta is really good and can steal any game.

Sean: Arizona – Arizona looks to have finally figured it out

Minnesota Wild @ St. Louis Blues (Sat Nov 3, 7 PM CST)

Art: Minnesota – I can’t figure out this Wild team. They beat Colorado, but lose to Vancouver… I’m guessing on this one.

Cassie: St. Louis – I just prefer St. Louis over Minnesota.

Kyle: St. Louis – I keep betting on Jake Allen and I keep losing. So let’s try one more time…

Sean: St. Louis

Columbus Blue Jackets @ Los Angeles Kings (Sat Nov 3, 9:30 PM CST)

Art: Columbus  – The Jackets lost to Detroit on Tuesday, there is no way they drop another to a team they really should beat in the same week, right?

Cassie: Columbus – Los Angeles is bad. “It’s bad Scoob”

Kyle: Columbus – The Kings season went from bad to worse now that Quick is out for the long term.

Sean: Los Angeles

Dallas Stars @ Washington Capitals(Sat Nov 3, 6 PM CST)

Art: Dallas  – Dallas lost to Detroit during this eastern trip as well this past week. Maybe the Wings aren’t that bad either? Dallas is as tough to figure out as the Wild are.

Cassie: Washington – I like them better.

Kyle: Washington – Both these teams are looking to improve on their starts. Washington gets the win at home.

Sean: Washington