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WWYDW: Is It Time For The Lines To Be Mixed Up?

Six games into the season and outside of a player or two, the lines that Paul Maurice has ran for every game has stayed virtually the same. Are we at the point where that needs to change? Most Jets fans likely would say a resounding ‘yes’ but the question then becomes, just what kind of lines should they run?

The lineup the Jets went with last night against the Oilers was virtually the same as it was the night they opened the season in St. Louis. Brandon Lemieux did get into the mix last night in place of Kristian Vesalainen and the first night in St. Louis saw Ehlers in a line with Roslovic and Perreault, but Paul Maurice quickly reverted back to last year’s less than successful Little/Ehlers/Laine grouping.

LW C RW Forwards
Kyle Connor

Rating: 77.3#19 LW

Mark Scheifele

Rating: 83.0#9 C

Blake Wheeler

Rating: 80.4#5 RW

FL1 Rating
Rating: 80.25#7 FL1
Nikolaj Ehlers

Rating: 75.1#32 LW

Bryan Little

Rating: 73.2#78 C

Patrik Laine

Rating: 81.2#3 RW

FL2 Rating
Rating: 76.50#5 FL2
Andrew Copp

Rating: 71.0#95 LW

Adam Lowry

Rating: 73.2#76 C

Brandon Tanev

Rating: 71.4#86 RW

FL3 Rating
Rating: 71.88#19 FL3
Brendan Lemieux

Rating: 72.1#81 LW

Jack Roslovic

Rating: 71.8#116 C

Mathieu Perreault

Rating: 74.1#42 RW

FL4 Rating
Rating: 72.66#2 FL4
Josh Morrissey

Rating: 74.5#30 LD

Jacob Trouba

Rating: 77.4#16 RD

DL1 Rating
Rating: 75.96#14 DL1
Joe Morrow

Rating: 71.7#71 LD

Tyler Myers

Rating: 75.2#31 RD

DL2 Rating
Rating: 73.46#12 DL2
Dmitry Kulikov

Rating: 70.4#104 LD

Ben Chiarot

Rating: 71.1#76 RD

DL3 Rating
Rating: 70.77#24 DL3

Meanwhile the defense has been without for Dustin Byfuglien for a couple of games now and the real question here is if the Jets should be looking at bringing back Sami Niku as Kulikov and Chiarot have been largely ineffective and the pairing of Morrow and Myers isn’t working.

Before the season began, we ran a series of posts where Kyle Buhler spit-balled a handful of lines that ranged anywhere from plausible to flat out crazy. One spin around Jets Twitter and you would see a lot of those lines mentioned in that series as lines some fans would like to be seen given a shot.

It’s still early enough in the season that maybe some experimentation in the lineups should happen. The top line has been ok but Blake Wheeler has struggled a bit out of the gate and in five on five situations he doesn’t seem to be meshing well with Schiefele. The Lowry line has been good and brought terrific energy to games, but maybe it’s time to try Lowry with some new linemates and let the speed and bulldog-ish ways of Tanev and Copp to work with say a Bryan Little or a Mathieu Perreault.

Jack Roslovic has largely been ineffective, but what if he gets reunited with Kyle Connor? Is it maybe time to split up Morrissey and Trouba, especially if Byfuglien misses more time?

There are a lot of ways to go with this one and while Jets fans don’t want to hit the panic button yet, concern about this team six games in is justified.

JetsNation, WWYDW is all about the lineup. How would you make the offensive lines and defensive pairings?

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  • JoshVanH

    The Jets don’t need to make major changes – just some fine tuning to try to build a little more team chemistry.

    The top forward line will be fine. It is too early to split them up. The TLC line has been great and I would hate to see that change just to experiment. Roslovic has looked okay, but it looks as though he hasn’t played enough to really get comfortable. Time to finally give him a shot between Ehlers and Laine. Little paired with Perreault prove to be quite effective offensively and/or defensively when paired with any of the young guys coming in. Put in Lemieux for games where more defense is needed and Vesalainen or Petan when offense is needed.

    On Defense, there are more problems, but there are also options. Morrissey has been the Jets’ best defenseman and Trouba can generally keep up with him without too many mistakes. Assuming Byfuglien returns soon, it could be time for him to mentor another top defenseman. Bring up Niku to play with him as Morrissey and Chiarot have in the past. We are still early enough in the season to at least give him a shot. At worst, I imagine he would still be equal to Morrow/Chiarot/Kulikov.

    Connor – Scheifele – Wheeler
    Ehlers – Roslovic – Laine
    Tanev – Lowry – Copp
    Perreault – Little – (Vesalainen/Lemieux/Petan)

    Morrissey – Trouba
    Niku – Byfuglien
    Chiarot – Myers

    Scratch: Morrow – Kulikov sent down