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Afterburners: Quotes And Charts From Jets 2-1 Win At Home Against Kings

The Winnipeg Jets looked good early and hang on for the 2-1 win against the Los Angeles Kings to open the 2018-19 season at home. Here are some of the players as well as head coach Paul Maurice’s thoughts on the game as well as metrics and shot charts from the contest.


Blake Wheeler on Kyle Connor’s ‘tap in’ goal in the second period and whether or not he may have felt a bit robbed…

“Man, I hope he gets 40 of those. Like I said, if he’s not standing there, I don’t make that play, the puck doesn’t go in the net right? Yeah it may look like he taps the goal in but, for me that’s his goal all the way because he’s in the right spot.”

Kyle Connor replying to a question about if his goal was a matter of improvisation from their regular power play set up…

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“It’s a play we’ve done before, and I think I had a good chance in the St. Louis game to pop one in backdoor too. It’s just another look for us when they’re sitting kind of stagnant in that spot down low by the post.”

Connor Hellebuyck asked if he felt that was more of a prototypical Winnipeg Jet game…

“Yeah, I thought we were very good tonight in our own zone, we were very detailed and it made it very easy on me”

Paul Maurice on the slight struggle in the third period when the Kings started pressing…

“I want to be careful on the criticism, I thought in the third period there were times we had the puck and didn’t skate. We stopped and tried to make a play and they knocked it down. So what we did well through two (periods) with the sticks, I thought they started to do a little better, but positionally then we had the one line that had a hard time in the D zone, but other than that we were solid. It’s said in the confidence to make plays and that’s the most important thing when you have the lead is not keep chipping the puck out and being afraid to make a play, but all plays are best made when your feet are moving. So I think we can improve a little bit there, skate a little bit more when it’s on our stick, draw somebody to you, but we still want that play to be made. We were trying to make that play, but our feet were not moving and that can be a dangerous thing.”

Wheeler on what he felt was key for the Jets in playing as well as they did against the Kings…

“I think we allow our D to have good up-ice pressure, allow them to keep a tight gap which makes it tough for the other team to get any speed going up the ice. That’s the kind of game we want to play. Quick transition, and try to spend as much time in their zone as we can.”


Stats & charts courtesy of Corsica.Hockey

Matchups are limited to 5-on-5 situations. Tile size is scaled by Time On Ice and colour is scaled by adjusted Expected Goals differential. Blue represents a home team advantage and red represents a road team advantage.

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