R.I.P Laine’s Beard 2018-2018

Paul Stastny. Tobias Enstrom. Joel Armia. Steve Mason. Patrik Laine’s beard.

None of these will be returning to Winnipeg for the 2018-19 season, one of those “key departures” is actually a tad disappointing.

Patrik Laine confirmed in an interview with Finnish website “Ilta-Sanomat” that the beard will not be making a return this coming season after growing out one last season on the whim of a bet made with his cousin.

The legend of Laine’s chain hairs started to grow as wild and unkempt as the actual beard was at the turn of the calendar year. It became the talk of social media as many noted that a kid who some considered a G.O.A.T. was now starting to look like.. well.. a goat.

There was a parody website that chronicled the Mennonite background to the beard that too many people actually believed. His teammates started calling him Amish as he touched upon in his brilliant Players’ Tribune piece back in February.

Now the guys in the room are telling me I look like I’m Amish. I didn’t get it at first. Had to Google it. Now, since our team is doing well, I’m going to keep it going for luck. Maybe I will get some new Amish fans … but they don’t have TVs, right? Maybe they can come to games? Come to Winnipeg, guys.

It survived ridicule and scorn and even an errant high stick during a game back in March where Laine had to advise trainers to “save the beard” and while we doubt the beard was the reason, Laine did finish second in league scoring to Alex Ovechkin with 44 goals.

While we will all miss the GOAT beard, there is always the potential for a return next spring during the playoffs, right?