Photo Credit: © James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

FIGHT! Wheeler And Chiarot Trade Punches At Practice

To hear a few different Jets explain it, things were a bit “intense” at Saturday morning practice as Blake Wheeler and Ben Chiarot exchanged a few fists after a special teams drill got a little to heated.

No video of the fracas, but the Winnipeg Sun’s Ken Wiebe as always had the first details…

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Afterwards though in the dressing room, Mark Scheifele claimed a little bit of innocence in the matter…

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Admittedly, a depth defenseman getting into it with one of the star players of the team seems a bit concerning – especially at this time of year and with the team having already suffered through a pile of injuries. But for what it’s worth, the players afterwards didn’t seem bothered by the whole ordeal. Paul Maurice even going as far as saying “you’d like a few more of those during the year if you could.”

If nothing else, the fight and questions about it and how the guys practice led to some interesting comments from the head coach and their theory on just how they run practices.

To a man it seemed like the players were already over it by the time everyone was in the dressing room.

“Boys will be boys” as they say. As long as everyone stays safe and injury free, things like this are minor blips in what is a long season.