Patrik Laine: Noted Playstation Gamer (Sadly)

In maybe the most depressing news we’ll see as Jets fans this entire season or maybe even possibly decade, Patrik Laine revealed he’s a Playstation gamer and does not wish to share his time with friends and teammates who spend their gaming on the magnificent XBox One system.

(Full disclosure: As author and managing editor, I would like to disclose that I am almost exclusively an XBox used and have been a faithful XBox’er since the original big black “X’ed” box with oversized “Duke” controller, so any opinions expressed henceforth are admittedly slanted even if ever so slightly. I would like to officially state that Sony’s Playstation 4 is a fine system as well and if you are limited to only picking one of the two consoles, you’re fine choosing either. I guess. Oh and PC gamers who wish to chime in? Stuff it. No one really likes you and all the money you seem to have to be able to afford a kick ass gaming rig.)

Laine’s highly controversial statement in which he belittled XBox players on his team – presumably out of jealousy – were revealed in a tweet sent out by the Jay And Dan Show Twitter account.

In the clip you see above, he calls out his XBox preferring teammates as “pigeons” which would appear very funny at first listen, but is probably deeply hurtful. We as fans can only hope that this doesn’t cause a massive rift in the dressing room so close to the playoffs and that it doesn’t cause anyone to have their tracksuits or second rate peripheral VR headsets thrown in a shower.

Laine also reveals the only person that also plays on Playstation is line-mate Nik Ehlers which of course helps further cement their bro-mance and likely helps them with communication as they have no doubt spent hours complaining about the less-than-user friendly menus that Playstation has, or the lack of apps the console features.

The Finnish wunderkind who can pick top corners on a whim but apparently can’t pick top consoles, also revealed his latest gaming jam is the latest video gaming craze, “Fortnite”

No word what his response was when he likely found out XBox plans on having full cross-play with all other platforms available except for Sony’s Playstation because Sony are a big bunch of jerks who won’t allow cross-play to their console.

(Full disclosure: This opinion can be changed if Sony provides me with a new Playstation. Strictly out of scientific and testing purposes and not at all so that I can finally enjoy a real baseball video game)

Final Analysis

Look, we were all young and naïve at one time and for as amazingly awesome as Patrik Laine is and has been pretty much since he stepped foot into the NHL, we have to admit that he’s only human and as a young man finding his way in North America, he will make mistakes.

Sometimes he’ll turn the puck over in his own zone, sometimes he’ll score on his own net by mistake, and sometimes he’ll settle for a second rate gaming console.

Doesn’t mean we don’t love him less for any of it, in fact we probably love him even more and just look forward to the day where he understands better and makes a more veteran-like move to trust his gaming experience to Microsoft.

(Full disclosure: I have not been paid by Microsoft Corp. to share these opinions, but honestly I probably should be. Even if they just send me a new Elite controller or a new XBox One X system. Something minor would be appreciated is all I’m saying…)

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