Happy Valentine’s Day From JetsNation!

It’s February 14. You know what that means. We’re 12 days away from the NHL Trading Deadline.

Oh, and it’s Valentine’s Day. We’re either pleased to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day because you enjoy warm and mushy feelings of love and joy and find comfort in all the relationships you have, or we gladly join you in resenting and ruing this over-rated and over-commercialized day.

However you feel about Valentine’s Day, if there is one universal truth we can all agree on, it’s that blogs like us need to make stupid, cheesy little photo shopped valentines with dumb little puns and inside jokes. Not only is it a need, but it’s a little known Canadian law.

So we at JetsNation are here to provide you with the absolute best Winnipeg Jets valentines cards that were whipped up in the span of three hours on my laptop while watching the latest episode of Monday Night Raw.

It’s important to tell those closest to you how you feel and instead of actually using words and actions, printing off photo-shopped images is really the best way to do so.

We of course have your soft, sentimental cards..

Sweet, right?

Can’t stop there though as we needed some themed cards as well…

Of course, some relationships are.. *ahem* complicated. Hey, it’s 2018 and we are not judging at all. If anything, we’re here to help.

However you celebrate today or know it as – be it Valentine’s or just another Wednesday – we here at JetsNation hope you all have a great day!