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About Last Night: Wave Goodbye

The Jets continue to win games without their number one center and their number one defenseman. On top of that, they’ve had to deal with multiple injuries to depth players such as Adam Lowry and yet they are still finding ways to win.

Winning with confidence

And not just finding ways of stealing an odd win here and there, but winning with confidence. You can see it in how this team plays, especially over the last few weeks. Last night was a great example of that as it felt like a complete team shutout. Jets forwards had a great forecheck going all game, the defense was making sure that any chances the Avalanche did have on goal were ‘one and done’ and Connor Hellebuyck didn’t need to be spectacular by any means, but was his typical positionally sound and limited rebounds.

The score could have been bigger

If not for the play of Avalanche goalie Semyon Varlamov and some bad luck on the Jets end of things, this could and should have been an absolute blowout of a game. Combine this entire game with how the Jets did in the overtime against Vegas – ya know, minus the giving up a GWG part – and offense has been find and is creating a ton of chances. They’ll start finding the back of the net more soon enough, and the beauty part of all this is that the Jets know it.


And that goes back to the confidence thing mentioned in the first point, this team doesn’t panic or start making wholesale changes if the puck doesn’t find its way past the opposing goalie even with great chances taken.

More bodies banged up

Hendricks left the game with an upper body injury as did Brandon Tanev. For those of you hoping this means #FreePetan, know that Maurice mentioned post game that he thought Hendricks should be ok for Tuesday’s game against Arizona. Tanev we’ll likely know more on Monday once the team gets back on the ice.

Wave when appropriate

I am not completely on “Team Anti-Wave”, but I am anti-wave in the later half of a close game like we had last night.

You do the wave when you’re bored or the home team is being blown out. At the point the Jets were in a tight game against a divisional rival, it really wasn’t a boring game by any stretch… Why are fans doing the wave?


Maybe don’t stop doing the Wave ever, but Wave when appropriate.

Staying disciplined

The Jets special teams – both power play and penalty kill – had a pretty solid week, but a lot of credit needs to be given to the Jets for playing as disciplined as they have been. They only took two penalties in the OT loss to Vegas and last night only had the one hooking penalty taken and both games had plenty of physical play.

It’s a far cry from the non-stop penalty box parade we’ve seen in previous seasons and is just as much a reason being the Jets success this year than anything they’ve done on offense or defense.


  • Paul from NZ

    I agree with this article!

    Almost dont need to make further comment.

    Agree, the Avs win seemed very confident. No panic at any stage.

    The shutout did not seem like a goalie standing on their head shutout, but a moderate good performance by goalie – great team performance shutout.

    Agree re the wave.

    Also expecting a few breakout games soon.

    Very stooked with record since 5 day break (5-0-2)

    • ProfessorPottyMouth

      I was at the game. Fans started doing the wave when the Jets were in the Avs zone exerting sustained pressure, in a 1-0 game. At first I didn’t know what all the cheering was for. I thought it was disrespectful to the players who were giving their all at that point in the game. I refused to participate.

  • Inmate 58190109

    I say wave when the good mood strikes! I don’t recall ever seeing the wave when the home team was being blown out. Wouldn’t the wave, when the home team is playing poorly, be viewed as an insult by the players?
    I also don’t think many fans, or players, have a problem with giving a standing O after a period of sustained pressure, even without a goal. The wave is merely a standing O kicked up a notch.