JNGD 10 Instant Recap: Jets play the trump card over the Penguins

Hellebuyck got the start tonight, but the real story is Wheeler scoring a hat trick in the first period. After the first period, the scoring slowed down, with Malkin getting the lone goal for the Penguins. The Jets won the game 7-1, with the shots on goal totalling 32 to 26 in favour of the Pens. Lemieux also got his first career goal in a night that all fans should be happy with.

Hellebuyck had a great game, staying composed and focused. The one goal he allowed was from Malkin, and that’s always a hard shot to stop. He’s now 5-0-1, not having any regulation losses this season. At this point, we might see Maurice ride him because he’s hot.

Wheeler tallied his hat trick in 4 minutes and 20 seconds of game time, making it the fastest in Jets history. He also picked up an assist on the power play goal.

As I mentioned in the pre-game post, if the Jets found themselves in penalty trouble, it could mean the game for them. Tonight they did a great job of avoiding penalties and even managed to squeak out a power play goal.

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All in all, it was a good confidence boosting game from the Jets.

Scoring Summary

GIF Recap

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How did they Corsi?

Stats and charts courtesy of Corsica.Hockey

Tweet of the Game

  • Connor looks at home on the top line with Scheifele and Wheeler. When Perreault gets healthy I hope Maurice doesn’t mess with success and leaves Connor the top line. This could give the team 3rd line with Lowry, Perreault and bring up Roslovic as he would be a great option as a 3rd line center. The team still allows too many shots which I hope doesn’t come back to haunt them. Helly development reminds me of Carey Price as he looks calm and in control given the fact that he faces a lot of shots every game. If he slips up I hope that Maurice, the team, the fans and the hockey experts cut him some slack as he still is a young player in goalie terms.

    • Travis

      Anyone looks at home when paired with Wheeler and Scheifele. Hell, even Copp looked pretty good when he filled in on that line for a couple of games last year. Will Connor be just as good when he’s not being propped up by the two best players on the team? I hope so, but it is an open question. Maybe Connor+Perreault would be a good combination for the start of another scoring line.

      I would kind of like to see Laine get back on a line with Scheifele. He’s been too quiet with Ehlers and Little. He hasn’t been bad; far from it. I just expected more from him so far this season. I feel like he isn’t getting the same sweet, sweet setups from Little that was was from Scheifele.