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JNGD 2 / Instant Recap: Things Happened Again, Most Of It Again Not Good

Where do we even start with this?

For the second game in a row, the Winnipeg Jets fell apart in a game where they had looked good in to start with, this time giving up four goals in the span of ten minutes in the second period to go from leading 3-1 to trailing 5-3 to the Calgary Flames.

The Jets ended up losing 6-3.

The Jets for what it’s worth did look ok in the first period, but there were warning signs that a long night was coming ahead. Despite the score, they had been outshot by Calgary 15-11 in that first period and spent the last five minutes a bit more on their heels as Calgary started to settle in to a more disciplined game.

The second period was the undoing for the Jets and once again a large culprit was the defense unwilling to try and stop the Flames from making easy zone entries and just allowing perimeter play to happen that ended up funneling towards the slot area. Winnipeg for right now just doesn’t seem to have an answer for that and to be honest, most teams would have an issue stopping that which is probably why good teams try to make initial zone entries difficult.

The Jets right now simply give up their blueline with little resistance and then seem to go into scramble mode when opposing teams start to direct pucks towards the net.




  • I know that it has been only two games but some thing have been obvious for the last two seasons, no defensive system. Of the 13 goals the Jets have surrendered this season at least 9 of them the goalies never had a chance. I am really tired of this team running around in their own end chasing the puck. Is it coaching or stupid players with no skill? I think its the former as Maurice ran the same unsuccessful system last year. If it doesn’t work why keep running it? Also why do the d-men on the opponents rush back in back past the slot and allow the other teams forwards control of the slot area. They never stand up at the blue line and force the other team to dump the puck in. If things stay the same it will be a long and unsuccessful season for the Jets and their fans.

  • JN

    They may come back 0 – 4 after the trip[ out west. Having Maurice as the coach reminds me of the saying, if it hurts when you do that, stop doing it. GET RID OF HIM!

  • drewbit

    I want to like PoMO, I really do. But really, either start coaching or retire. If you can’t bench players for horrid play what are you doing back there? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize this isn’t working.