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WWYDW: What Do Your Forward Lines Look Like?

The Winnipeg Jets will go into this upcoming season with a handful of questions from goaltending and defense, but the one thing that can’t really be questioned is the talent they have at forward.

The Jets boasted four players who had 25+ goals last season – you can argue it could have been five players had Bryan Little not missed 23 games, he finished with 21 goals on the season. Blake Wheeler cemented his status as a complete player who can score, set up plays, defend and play physical. Mark Scheifele established himself as one of the league’s top centers. Patrik Laine burst onto the scene and led the Jets in goals while Nik Ehlers persevered through a couple of prolonged scoring slumps and still finished with 25 goals on the season.

Those five players alone would be the envy of a lot of teams in the league and no matter who you’d put in that sixth forward slot, those top two lines would be among the best on the NHL.

One can not overlook Mathieu Perreault who proved that when put in the role of a top six forward and fully healthy, he can perform at a very high level. Don’t forget about Kyle Connor who did struggle at times in his first NHL stint, but the 20 year old absolutely lit up AHL scoreboards to the tune of 25 goals and 44 points in 52 games.

We’ve talked at length about Adam Lowry who fares well on the third line but would be even better on a fourth line center role leading a line that can handle themselves defensively and still provide a bit of offensive punch.

And of course as we go into talking about the third and fourth lines, answers start to really vary in terms of who goes where. Joel Armia, Nic Petan, Andrew Copp, and Marko Dano all factor in.

What Would You Do JetsNation?

With all that in mind, today we ask… What would your forward lines look like to start the season? Where would Perreault figure into your plans and would he do so as a winger or as a center behind Scheifele? Would you keep Brian Little up in the top six, or would you put him on a third line and give the Jets three strong scoring lines? Do you believe Adam Lowry is third line capable and would you be willing to bump Petan or Dano into a top six role?

Let us know what you think in the comments below, @ reply us on our Twitter page or leave us reply on our Facebook page.

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  • Struggling_A_Lot


    Tanev with the Moose. This is how I would maximize the lines by distributing the offense. In reality though we are more likely to see Copp in the Top 6, Petan and Dano in the press box and some sort of fighter on the third line cause thats the way PoMo roles..

    • Dr. Rocktopus

      Yeah, this one is pretty much what I’ve got pencilled in. I think Connor has already made the step forward we were looking for. I really like the idea of keeping our top three guys (Scheifele, Wheeler, Perreault) split up on each of the top three lines, then the rest of their line mates can be slotted in based on chemistry. This is what I think it would look like:


  • Wall2Wall-27

    How ’bout
    Might actually end up with a complete 4-line team with no labels like 1st or 2nd or 3rd or 4th line, just a team that roll out any line it chooses with good 200 ft game and potential to score.

  • TheJerts

    Long time lurker…

    …but had to chime in here. Struggling_a_lot has got it right I think, except maybe Copp’s youth and work ethic put him in the line up over Matthias, who might be more of a fit with another team. That’s not to say he’s no good, just that I see a lot more potential in a properly used Copp than in Matthias, whom I guess is at his ceiling. That Lowry, Armia, Matthias line was pretty sweet last year though.

    Anyway, 27-55-29 is dynamic, and Scheifs is enough a man now to manage them. The 2 ‘kids’ seem to be on the upper slope of the learning curve as well, so I say wind em up and let em go.

    81-18-26 I think speaks for itself. 81 is a work in progress, but there are no two better role models, who are still easily capable of keeping up with junior. Best 2/1b line in the league by November.

    • TheJerts

      Oops, prematurely shot off that post.

      19-85-40 is my 3rd line, though many others would choose Dano. Matty P could school all the young’uns, imo, but Armia is better than we know yet, and Petan’s creativity matches Perreault’s style well, so I think they would be a small but scary line, all over the ice.

      Finally, I like Lowry. I like Copp. I don’t really like Dano, though I’m not sure why. Everyone else seems to like him, so he gets the nod over the others, but personally I’d like to see Lemieux get at least a kick at the can.

      In goal? Who the F knows? Maybe Flaherty can strap them on, and Helle can be the goalie coach?