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Fill In The Blank: Anaheim Ducks

It’s the dog days of summer when the NHL Draft is long since past, the bulk of Free Agency has been taken care of and with most NHL news having slowed to a slow trickle, we now sit watching days go by waiting for the start of training camps.

We already know how most of you feel about your Winnipeg Jets, so we wanted to ask you all about the other 30 teams in the NHL. This summer we’re going to ask for your feedback on our Twitter and Facebook on each NHL club.  Your replies can be complementary, they can be all-in-good-fun (or not) roasts, your reply can be a single word or it can be a statement.

The best replies will be gathered up and collected here for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Today… The Anaheim Ducks are: _________

We’re still bitter about 2015

The one and only time the Jets made the playoffs (as the Jets we mean, not the Thrasha-Jets as they were back in 2007) they were unceremoniously swept in four straight by the dirty Ducks and it’s probably safe to say that as a fan base, we’re still a little jaded by it.

It’s true. If there ever was a sweep that felt like it shouldn’t have been a sweep, it was that series in 2015 where the Jets had the lead in ever single game – the first three games were big leads that they blew late in the third…

Ya know what, let’s move on. I realize now the wound is still there and still too fresh.

Not a bright future?

The funny thing one notices as we’ve done these series is that there is no shortage of fans ready to dance on the graves of their enemies.. It’s just a matter of getting them in the grave first.

See that last tweet is funny because the picture I used was of Ryan Getzlaf and he has a receding hair line and male pattern baldness is funny! But lets be honest here, if you had to spend multiple days in the same dressing room as Corey Perry and Ryan Kesler, you’d probably pull your hair out. Getzlaf and his lack of hair that he really should just shave off by now, is not a man to be made fun of people.

They *did* have a choke reputation…

True, they were having some real issues coming through in the clutch of a game seven situation, but they finally shook that curse loose when they defeated the Oilers in game seven of the second round this past spring.

But maybe NOW they’ll never win a game seven ever again… So Connor McDavid has written, so it shall be!

You’re in LA.. Just admit you’re LA..

Final words to Brian..

California Ducks. Just be the California Ducks. Or Golden State Mighty Ducks. No one that lives in Anaheim actually admits they’re from Anaheim do they? No, they say they live in L.A. which only makes them seem a tad less superficial and fake than if they said they were from Anaheim.

The Ducks are awful. Anaheim is awful. Lets hope the Jets never play them again in the playoffs

Ya know, if they ever get to that point again that is.


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