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WWYDW: Quest for the Goalie Grail?

With Mason signed for the next two years, a big question going into this year and next is what should the Jets do with Hellebuyck? Should he be sent down to the Moose to get more starts,should be take a backup role, or should it turn into a 1a/1b situation in net?

An easy answer to the first question is there is no way he should be sent down to the Moose. It would take starts away from Comrie and we risk losing him on waivers. Comrie should be getting the majority of the starts with the the Moose so he develops properly and having Hellebuyck down there would set that development back.

Putting Hellebuyck in a backup role would set back his own development and wouldn’t make much sense given that him and Mason have very similar stats. Just last year, Mason had a .917 SV% and Hellebuyck had a .918 SV%. Both of them started around 57 games so they can easily split the load in a tandem role. This would allow Hellebuyck to continue to develop and it would keep Mason having regular starts. It is also entirely possible that one will out play the other and take control of the net and force the other into a backup role once the season starts.

What Would You Do JetsNation?

How do you think Mason and Hellebuyck should split time in net or do you think Hellebuyck should take a backup role?

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