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JN Recap: Four Before Fore

It’s April and the Winnipeg Jets are on a roll with their fourth win in a row tonight, this time against the Ottawa Senators.

Of course, in two weeks it won’t mean anything as they pack up for the summer and watch the playoffs with the rest of us.

Added to that, the points they are gaining with putting up more numbers in the win column hurts their chances for a higher pick in the draft lottery.

Just to pile on, consider that Jets management may see this team “coming together” late in the season and assume this is proof that things are going to be fine and not be as active as they really should be this summer.

When you consider all those things, sure a four game win streak seems awfully ill-times and maybe even a bit inconvenient.

But hey, four wins in a row right? First time the Jets while at home have beaten the Sens since forever ago. Let’s find some other positives…

Game Notes:

This game initially had the excitement of watching paint dry with both teams dealing with key injuries and the Senators playing a bit scared for their playoff lives. The Sens did find their legs and a handful more of shots near the end of the first period and ended up with a 1-0 lead after Mike Hoffman hounded the heck out of Joel Armia, forced a turnover, watched Nogier try to clumsily get it out then got the puck back and wired a shot past Hellebuyck.

The second period saw the teams trade some very odd, badly goalied against goals. Wheeler tied it up after a bouncing puck ended up on his stick and he was able to sweep it past Condon. Hoffman got his second on the night on an almost similar play when a simple puck flip toward the net by Pyatt created a bit of chaos and Hellebuyck for whatever reason didn’t have his stick down on the ice when Hoffman cashed in.

While many might have groaned at what looked to be yet another typical Hellebuyck night, you have to credit the kid for bouncing back and putting together a fine effort the rest of the way out. Of his 29 saves on the night, 20 of them came after that second goal against with eight more shots faced in the second period, and 12 in the final period.

The Jets then got their offensive act together and it actually started with a power play – the validity of which depends how strongly you feel about the manner in which Nik Ehlers ‘draws’ penalties – but while they didn’t actually score with the man advantage, it was the fact they kept the Sens pinned in their own zone with decent puck movement (and a few fortunate misplays by Ottawa when they had chances to get pucks out) that led to Adam Lowry’s 15th goal of the season.

A little over seven minutes into the third period, Perreault scored his 12th of the season (because we just can’t get away from Lowry v Perreault) and while there was some debate on if Laine tipped the puck, there is zero debate his screen in front was a big reason Perreault got the goal.

Add a Nik Ehlers empty net goal and that was all she wrote.

By the way, that Ehlers goal could have gone to Laine if Ehlers had passed to him, but knowing the Jets luck this season, a Senator would have stole it, turned it up ice and scored a game tying goal. Probably just as well Ehlers took the shot while it was there, Nik can always make it up to him with picking up the tab on a road dinner later.

This wasn’t the greatest game effort you’ll ever see a team produce in a win but all things considered it was ok. If it was the middle of November and a win like this happened in the same kind of situation – forth in a row and such that is – this would qualify as a nice step in the right direction.

But that this kind of win comes on the first of April with the Jets non-playoff fate already decided… It’s more frustrating than anything.

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As the old saying goes, better to have won four in a row at some point in the season than to have never won four in a row at all.

That is a saying, right?

  • JN

    Well done Jets – NOT. 4 wins in a row, but of course only when it doesn’t matter. Pathetic. As well, what is wrong with Laine. What is it, 2 points in his last 10 games (or something like that)? That is a huge drop from his previous production and would put him under 20 points for the season.