JN AirMail – November 28, 2016

JNAirMail 2

It’s the return of an old favorite… or maybe just the return of a feature other Nation sites do really well and we just try to keep up.

It’s JetsNation AirMail where you send us burning Jets questions to us over the Twitter machine or by e-mail and we answer in a somewhat satisfactory way.

Jack has been fantastic this season in Manitoba with 5 goals and 13 points in 18 games with the Moose. I know there had been some thought that he earned a spot with the Jets after camp, but a season down in the AHL will do him a world of good. As far as what his ceiling is? In the very best scenario he could be a 2nd line winger but chances are he will turn out to be a really good 3rd line / energy guy. He plays with the kind of energy and tempo perfect for that role and while he may not be the most offensively gifted in terms of hands, shot or offensive instincts, his hustle makes up for it.

Two part question, so a two part answer…

First about, the short answer I don’t believe is the Jets will sign him this season. DeSalvo has done nothing but impress in his time with the Manitoba Moose after having a strong rookie campaign with the Tulsa Oilers the year before. He re-signed with Tulsa in August before the start of the season and is on a PTO with the Moose right now as the Jets continue to deal with injuries.

The reason I don’t see the Jets signing him is simply due to his size. At 5’8″ 175 pounds, he doesn’t fit the mold of what Jets management looks for in their forwards, not to mention the Jets are quite deep in forward depth which also works against DeSalvo. That could change come this summer but I have my doubts.

As for Kyle Connor, as of this very moment he hasn’t been sent down but at this rate he should be. He had six shifts total in the win against Nashville on Sunday and didn’t see any ice time in the 3rd period. Jacob has already outlined this last week, but I would be surprised if a move wasn’t done before the game tomorrow against the Devils.

I think Paul is a very competent NHL coach, but I do wonder if he’s ‘overthinking’ things right now especially with the lines and how they are made up (I won’t get started on his decision to bench the entire first like such as he did last Friday) and I do think he sees a little too much in the likes of Chris Thorburn but I do sometimes feel there are plenty of other teams and coaches who would also use Thorburn the same way the Jets do, so in that respect PoMo is an average NHL coach. He’s not in the discussion of ‘great’ coaches, but I would take Paul over say Randy Carlyle, Bill Peters or Dave Tippett

As for Glennie? I think you’re looking at a career AHL’er right now, but all things considered with how his career went after being drafted in the first round by Dallas in 2009, there isn’t anything wrong with that. Again, much like DeSalvo he’s in the middle of a pretty deep pool of forward talent in the Jets organization and there are at least six or seven players that would get call-ups before he does.

  • FishWhiskey

    I agree that PoMo is a competent NHL coach. His coaching philosophy and system is ideally suited to a grinding, punishing game much like LA played when they were winning cups.

    But here is where I see the problem. Chevy has been drafting players like Ehlers, Petan and Laine who will never be ideal fits into a PoMo system.

    The Jets really need a well thought out plan to move this team to the next level. Having a coach who needs draft horses but a GM who is giving him race horses is not going to work. PoMo and the prospects are being set up to fail. It’s an issue that needs to be addressed.

    Draft and develop is a fine idea but where is the plan? I think it is a fair question to ask, no?