JetsNation Recap – Last Week Seems Like Such A Long Time Ago

Where does one even begin? The Jets came out after a much needed couple of days off with an un-inspired performance against a division rival and laid another egg, this time in a 3-1 loss to the Minnesota Wild.

And as great as all of us were feeling about this team a little over a week ago after a sublime effort against the Chicago Blackhawks, we haven’t seen anything close to resembling that team in the four games on the road since.


  • I get that pickings are a bit slim for the Jets right now thanks to injuries in terms of who to put on the ice with two minutes left and down a goal.. But Thorburn and Burmistrov? Laine gets held to 15:14 of ice time? De Leo still hasn’t seen a second of ice on this road trip. Don’t get me wrong, I highly doubt Chevy is even close to thinking about pulling the trigger on a coaching change, but these are the kinds of decisions that should get you on that kind of watch.

  • It’s not that Laine played with Tanev and Copp that bothered me. I’m not even that bothered by the fact Copp played 10 more seconds than Laine did (although that is pretty stupid) .. What bothers me is 15:14. Laine is a stud, yes he’s a rookie but he’s a remarkable one and he’s already shown he’s more than just a lethal shot.. So why would you *ever* have him out there for less than 17 minutes in a game unless he’s hurt or just having an exceptionally bad game? I don’t get it. I don’t think any of us do. If you understand why he only gets 15 minutes in a game of ice time, please enlighten me in the comments.

  • I tried to come up with silver linings after the game and I found two… Hellebuyck was very strong in net tonight stopping 23 of 25 shots faced. The two that beat him were a Koivu wrist shot from as he was all alone from about five feet in front of the net, and the other was a wicked deflection off the stick of Tanev. The other silver lining was the play of Blake Wheeler  who “kinda” scored two tonight – the first being waved off due to Ehlers entering the zone offside about 20 seconds prior to the goal being scored.

  • Scheifele, Ehlers, Wheeler up front with Laine and Byfuglien on the blueline… THAT is your number one power play. Don’t ever leave that. It’s evergreen. Why would Paul Maurice consider anything else? Who cares who is on the second unit? That unit got the lone goal tonight, I don’t know what more convincing PoMo needs.

  • The Jets are 0 and 4 on this road trip and the extra frustrating thing about it is that in three of the four games, it’s not like the other team was “that much better” .. The Wild had more turnovers tonight than a bakery. I watched the Wild try to exit their zone multiple times and thought “huh, I’ve seen this style of play before” and then realized they looked exactly like the Jets look most nights when they try to do a zone exit themselves.

  • Four shots in the second period. Five shots in the 3rd period. Five. It’s not like the Jets didn’t have the puck ever (unlike in Boston) they just didn’t shoot! I thought Maurice told his guys to “keep it simple” .. Isn’t part of that “getting pucks on net”? Dubnyk – outside of a couple of chances in the first period – really didn’t have to work too hard for this win.


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  • jetsfanmike

    “Scheifele, Ehlers, Wheeler up front with Laine and Byfuglien on the blueline… THAT is your number one power play. Don’t ever leave that. It’s evergreen. Why would Paul Maurice consider anything else?”

    I have to disagree.

    Swap Ehlers for Petan first of all.

    Petan is the more effective playmaker at the half wall spot than Ehlers AND he’s decent in the faceoff circle whereas Scheifele, at present, is not.

    Also, with Petan as a LH shot centre and Scheifele being a RH shot centre, you increase the odds of winning the faceoff in the offensive zone and starting with puck possession if Petan replaces Ehlers on the 1st PP.

    Secondly, you already have Scheifele and Laine as the designated “shooters” on the first PP unit and IMO you want them taking the majority of the shots on goal during the PP, not Byfuglien.

    However, the #1 PP unit has always had Byfuglien as its focus, but the problem is he’s no longer the best or even the second best scoring threat out there anymore, but he’s still the focal point.

    Instead, Morrissey or Enstrom should be in that spot because both are more “pass first” players that see the ice really well and have above average playmaking skills.

    Also, as an added bonus, both are quicker to pucks along the blue line than Buff, so I’m guessing that the Jets would also probably maintain offensive zone pressure a little better with either Enstrom or Morrissey in Buff’s spot on the first PP unit.

    Second PP unit can still revolve around Buff’s shot from the point like the Jets’ power plays from previous seasons with Ehlers on the half wall and three other skilled Jets, so PP unit #2 should still be good too.

    However, IMO, there’s just too many shooters and not enough passers with Buff on the first PP unit if Scheifele and Laine are there too, and if one of the three needs to be demoted to the second unit for productivity to improve, then I think it needs to be Buff and not Laine or Scheifele.