Jetstream Podcast Ep 21: Dat Deadline Doe

march 5th

On this week’s episode, Travis kicks it off with an
epic rant about our Big Media here in Winnipeg, we disagree with staying pat at
the trade deadline and discuss how to build a winning franchise.  All
that, plus a little Zemgus, the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference and the
possibility of the WHL coming to Winnipeg.

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  • Never buy stuff from a guy on a bike outside MTS Centre….won’t be a problem in a yr or two I hope. I like what Chi did getting two prospects for the pick. Their prospects will be ready to contribute in Kane/Toews/Keith best years.
    When Wpg says they have a plan, it doesn’t make any sense. It seems they want Nashville’s D prospects yet we don’t have Rinne. Their long-term contracts will result in 3rd or 4th liner 2017 Wheeler and Little being on the payroll when present prospects peak. Trading Jokinen for a 2nd round pick would’ve given room to add Gomez, Corvo and Conacher from waivrs. You don’t play Gomez every game but you want to win the NYI game 8-5. I said to get Grabner…jeez. I begged this team to take Hertl. Trouba is about the 5th best from the draft. It isn’t Pavelec and Jokinen’s fault mgmt kept playing them when they sucked. Some staffers love their players too much. Cherry wanted Savard on the 2010 Canada team; the guy wouldn’t play on the Flames 2nd line. Gonna watch the 1979 game from the movie. This team is letting contracts affect playing time, ignoring easy roster moves: fail. Still my distant third favourite team. In lieu of a chemical celebration, finally on the other side of the mountain on my counter MWD research, I watched the C.Lemieux rematch game. But it took 3.5 hours. I’d like to see the Phi-Pit M.Biron series, the Ott-NJ 2003 games with Spezza…I don’t get these box sets: NYI puts on a crappy game with Sundin out, and Mtl puts on the 2003 outdoor game.
    Blues will miss Stewart; was an even trade. I like Pardy in the playoffs but Hainsey’s 18 assists would have been nice down a goal. To beat Edm: dump the puck in and forecheck. what a waste of talent. The whole team could’ve made team canada if they’d have learned to use D.

  • LA, Minnesota and Montreal all upgraded. It looks like Mtl is best in the East now. The Wild looked like they could’ve taken Chi to 7 last year if reasonably healthy. This yr I’ll be praying for Habs-Wings. I wanted the Jets to drop Jokinen and add Grabner. They are in tough to catch Phx and Dallas. I like what Vancouver did adding Markstrom. I thought that Kesler for Sutter and Pouliet and more trade would’ve been win-win. Sutter playing with aging softer Sedins was perfect. They never got a third liner for the Sedins. The guy they got for Hodgson maybe. Vanek would be a 100pt player with Montreal D.

  • ..and the game on the Cgy box set is the eye injury win. The Lemieux comeback series against Buf would be nice to watch. Buf added Audette and Sanderson but ran into Lemieux-Jagr. Buffalo in the 1970s I never saw; they played a Soviet team. I’m afraid to research games I wanna watch.
    Frolik didn’t need to cock his shot, could’ve avoided the King stickcheck.
    Goalie jersey material would make a 6.5 goal/game league again. And good scrambly goals, if the refs don’t blow the whistle when they blink. Acrylic materials would be tough to trap; would be an incentive for smaller goalies that really on agility and glove rather than angles. Or perhaps something bouncy. Pads is a simple solution that would keep shots low: to force bouncy pads. The game-play is good now but the goalies are too good and too big (the latter is boring).