The Thrilling 3 Dozen – UFA Forwards Under 32 the Jets Should Consider

    Just in time for July 1 and on the heels of my article on assessing younger unrestricted free agent defenseman, here is the similar forwards article with a slightly different set of criteria (partly based on suggestions by the ever-mighty, all-seeing overlord of the Nation Network, the venerable Kent Wilson). Again, by using…


Eclectic Eighteen: Top Younger UFA Defensemen Desirable for the Jets

    Using a combination of useful websites including specific tools from www.capgeek.com and mainly www.behindthenet.ca I was able to rank unrestricted free agent defenseman on the right side of 30 years old (with some exceptions) to help determine which players that the Winnipeg Jets or other teams should consider signing come the July 1,…


12 Wishes for ’12

      Hot on the heels of my 10 Things Jets Gave Us in 2011 article, I am compelled to follow up with 12 wishes for ’12 for the Jets, focused mostly on player issues but with a fan and media wish too.


10 Things the Jets have Given us in 2011

    10. Major-League City Status for Winnipeg: The author shyly admits his departure from Winnipeg in 1996 was fueled by the feeling that Winnipeg was becoming like another small town in Michigan where General Motors had closed a big manufacturing plant (see movie from that zany Michael Moore)…as in tumbleweeds! I say Tumbleweeds be…


SWOTing the Jets at the Quarter Pole

    Before heading into Friday’s contest with the Hurricanes, the Jets had played 21 games, basically the quarter-pole of the 82-game regular season. At 8-9-4 at that point, the Jets need to pick it up if the long-starved fans of the city with the windiest intersection in Canada are to see playoffs as a…


SWOTing the Jets Goalies

  Part 3 of 3 of the pre-season analysis of the Jets roster using the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) technique concludes with the goaltenders. Again, apologies for contradicting myself here and against the other 2 blogs however the writer try to stay away from black-and-white and deal in shades of grey (or maybe he is just…


SWOTing the Jets Offense: The Kids are Alright

    The regular season looms so here begins Part 2 of my SWOT analysis of the Jets players coming into 2011-12, with the focus on the forwards this time. Hopefully my analysis is not overly self-contradictory but there is a fine balance to be observed in dealing with the uncertainties of the mena and events…


SWOTing the Jets Defense: The Big Buff Theory

    In a series of 3 articles, I will undertake a SWOT analysis on the Winnipeg Jets players. SWOT is a process utilized in business which entails an analysis of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of an organization or project. It is typically done to plan for the future activities and hopefully for success. So…


Favorite Jets Memories

      To start off my contributions here at Jets Nation, I just wanted to share just 3 of my favorite memories of watching the Jets as a boy/young adult. I grew up in Winnipeg and stayed until I was 25 years old when the Jets left and broke my man-heart. The old incarnation…