Photo Credit: twitter.com/JetsStrolling

Sean Avery Takes A Break From Yelling At People Blocking Bike Lanes To Spread A False (For Now) Jacob Trouba Trade Rumor

Sean Avery, noted angry cyclist and former tormentor of Martin Brodeur and Dion Phanuef took some time on Tuesday evening to post his breaking “confirmed” news on Instagram that the Winnipeg Jets and Toronto Maple Leafs had come together on a trade involving defenseman Jacob Trouba.

“Breaking news, per my sources in Toronto, Nazem Kadri has been traded for Jacob Troubda … That is confirmed. I’m telling you first. Per my sources in Toronto. Go Blues”

The smoke around Trouba and a possible trade has been pretty heavy the last month or so with TSN going as far to list the Jets restricted free agent as the number two trade target for the off-season, likewise Kadri has been rumored to have been shopped around a bit by the Leafs, so a trade between the teams and players does make sense.

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But as Ken Wiebe of the Winnipeg Sun was pretty quick to point out shortly after the Avery video went viral within Hockey Twitter, no deal has been made.

At least, not yet…

Until then, perhaps Avery can team up with Mike Commodore who is also another noted former hockey player with a penchant for breaking trades (and holder of a strong Mike Babcock grudge) to form the next hockey insider duo to rival that of Darren Dreger and Bob McKenzie.