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Trade-A-Palooza 2019: Jets Fans Want Jake Muzzin

If we created a top five list of potential Winnipeg Jets trade targets, Jake Muzzin would be at the top of that list and for very good reason. He’s an excellent left handed defenseman with a very reasonable cap hit at four million and he’s signed through to next season.

If you need any proof as to just how good Muzzin his, thanks to Bill Comeau‘s fantastic SKATR comparison tool, we can simply compare him to Josh Morrissey who you could argue has been the Jets most constant performer on defense this season.

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As far as options available to trade for in the next month or so, Muzzin is one of the best picks which may drive his price up but if the Jets are serious about contending, it’s a move they’ll want to make.

So today we go over four different proposals that had him as a key part of the deal, although some of you also wanted to kill two birds with one stone and get Jeff Carter as well which may only serve to ultimately kill the Jets Salary Cap…

Josh: 3/10 – I don’t like this deal. The Jets would be adding around nine million in cap space between the two and with all our RFA’s this summer I don’t think this would be a good deal for the Jets

Cassie: 4/10 – The cap return would put us in a rough spot.

Zee: 3/10 – I like Muzzin a lot, but money doesn’t grow on trees. Except in LA… Somehow.

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Sean: 2/10 – The money just doesn’t make sense.

Eric M: 2/10 – Don’t want any of those mild at best LA contracts.

Kyle: 8/10 – Go big or go home. Are the cap woes worth it if the Jets win the cup this year? I think yes.

Art: 5/10 – I like the idea of getting Carter, but he’s also not the 25+ goal guy he was a few seasons ago even though he’s getting paid like it, so I’d have to pass unless LA takes on half of his salary, and they sure as heck wouldn’t.

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Josh: 8.5/10 – I think this would be a great trade for the Jets, maybe even get the Kings to eat a big of Muzzin’s salary.

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Cassie: 7/10 – This depends on if LA keeps some salary.

Zee: 10/10 – Let’s do this.

Sean: 7/10 – I’m curious what Stanley’s value is league wide, he came in as such a project I wonder if this would be enough. From Jets side though this looks pretty good.

Eric M: 6/10 – I’d like to see the Stanley project through a little more but if the offer is right I’m for it.

Kyle: 7/10 – This is a fair deal. A 1st round pick and a decent prospect for one of the best LHD available, it fits both teams very well.

Art: 7/10 – I am admittedly higher on Stanley than most people without any real reason to be (perhaps it’s that I am rooting for him after the pick was panned so hard in 2016) but if the Kings said this was their “take it or leave it” offer, I’d take it.

Josh: 2/10 – Again, I don’t like this deal because of Carter, I think that’s a lot of extra salary that the Jets do not need.

Cassie: 2/10 – Carter’s salary would be the killer.

Zee: 2/10 – I don’t really want Carter, we can’t afford this. Take Carter out, I don’t like the idea of giving up a first round pick either.

Sean: 4/10 – I don’t hate bringing in Jeff Carter, I think he would be valuable in a playoff run, but you need LA to retain way to much salary, can’t see it happening.

Eric M: 2/10 – Too much salary.

Kyle: 8/10 – Like I said before, let’s win a cup in 2019 and worry about the cap after that. It’s much easier to manage when you are planning Stanley Cup parades throughout Portage and Main.

Art: 5/10 – Maybe I was a bit too harsh on Carter and that contract, let me just go take a look some of his salary details over on NHL Numbers… YIKES. If the Jets really want to get a number two center, they could do better than Carter really.

Josh: 7/10 – I don’t think LA does this deal, but if they offered it I’d take it.

Cassie: 8/10 – If LA bites, I’m fine with it.

Zee: 8/10 – I’m not entirely sure if it would satisfy LA, but I’d do it!

Sean – I’m not attached to Chariot, I’m not sure LA would be either.

Eric M: 7.5/10 – I’d take this. 7.5/10.

Kyle: 8/10 – Jets should take this deal if they can. Likely not enough value but it’s an intriguing idea.

Art: 10/10 if you’re looking at it from the Jets perspective. 3/10 from a Kings perspective. – Jets would need to add a bit more here but if LA is all about getting rid of salary, let’s do this!

  • Hank_Mardukas

    Trade the 1st + Prospect. Get Muzzin.
    Run: Morrissey Trouba Muzzin Byfuglien Kulilov Myers into playoffs.
    Let Myers walk after this season. Hope for offersheet on Trouba before draft otherwise trade him for a top 10 pick in this years draft plus prospect plus a 5/6 dman. Use cap space to sign Patty, KC, et all.

    Next year run Morrissey Byfuglien Muzzin Kulilov Chariot Morrow Niku Poolman and 5/6 dman from trade.