Trade-A-Palooza 2019: Let’s Go Get Matt Duchene!

One of the reoccurring themes we saw when we asked for your best, weirdest, dumbest trades was a legit push for the Jets to go out and get a player like Matt Duchene from the Ottawa Senators.

Surprisingly, we had more suggestions for Duchene than we did Mark Stone who has also been rumored to be on Ottawa’s trade block more so than Matt. This certainly would be in line with the feeling the Jets need a second line center although there may be other pressing needs the team has than what they have up the middle.

So today we look over two different proposals for the Sens center as well as a deal with Carolina that caught our attention…

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Josh: 5/10 – If I’m Ottawa I say no as this is not nearly enough for Duchene, however if I’m the Jets I’m on the fence about it.

Cassie: 5/10 – I don’t hate it, I don’t love it.

Zee: 7/10 – If Ottawa is willing to give up Duchene for that, I’d go for it. I like Duchene the player, unsure about Duchene the person in the Jets locker room. Would his tracksuit end up in the shower?

Sean: 3/10 – Price is too much for a 2nd line rental. No chance he stays in Winnipeg after and right or wrong the Jets expect Lemieux to continue developing.

Kyle: 2/10 – As a pure rental, this is way too much to give up. If the Jets re-sign Duchene for the long term, then it’s decent value but the Jets wouldn’t be able to afford it anyway.

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Art: 5/10 – Take out Gawanke and put in someone else and we might have something here. It does seem like a bit of a steep overpay though.

Josh: 10/10 – Would make this deal, Dorion getting fleeced again.

Cassie: 10/10 – Give me this deal please.

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Zee: 7/10 – Above statements aside, I’m totally on board for something that has minimal roster impact for this season and also helps Ottawa tank for the Avs’ pick this year!

Sean: 8/10 – would love to see it, don’t think the Sens are going to go for that though. Sens still think they can re-sign Duchene, they’re not taking an unproven centre and a late first rounder.

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Kyle: 9/10 – There is no way Ottawa does this as other teams will be much more desperate for centre help than Winnipeg.

Art: 8/10 – I’m also of the “no way Ottawa does this” side of things. Maybe a 1st rounder is needed? Maybe the trade needs to be everything in that first suggested trade but Petan instead of Gawanke.

Josh: 0.5/10 – I don’t like this trade, Hamilton is an overpaid third pairing guy who puts up the majority of his points on the powerplay, and Faulk’s contract is up next summer.

Cassie: 1/10 – Do not want

Zee: 0/10 – I’m not a huge fan of Hamilton at all, not really interested in any trade that would involve him. Nope. Also, I kinda love Chiarot and would be very sad to see him leave, even if it was to the Canes.

Sean: 3/10 – 3 points for including Trouba, who I think the Jets should be shopping. Other than that I hate this trade.

Kyle: 8/10 – Why not? If we could sign Faulk and Hamilton long term that could help down the road. With Trouba potentially gone in a couple years, and Byfuglien getting older every year, this would make the Jets younger. Would it make them better? Maybe not, but it would be a fun deal to break down.

Art: 4/10 – Hamilton would be a huge fan of the museums in Winnipeg at least… I think this makes the Jets worse down the road and I am sure you could get a little bit better of a return for Trouba – who I agree with Sean, Jets should be shopping him which is why I don’t give this trade a lower score than it probably should get.

  • I hope the Jets don’t overpay for a rental like Duchene. The Hamilton, Faulk trade doesn’t improve the Jets, and makes them weaker in the long term by giving up a 1st. Trade Trouba at the draft if he doesn’t resign where the Jets will get much better offers.