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Are The Jets Getting A Third Jersey Next Season?

Last year when Adidas became the official supplier and manufacturer of NHL jerseys starting with the 2017-18 season, it was made known that third jerseys would not be part of the league’s plan as it was deemed a logistical complication to introduce alternate jerseys at the same time as mass producing home and away sets for 31 teams and their fan bases.

But with a season now under their belt, it would appear Adidas and the NHL are ready to bring back alternate sweaters for the 2018-19 season and word is out that Winnipeg will be one of the clubs rocking a new look next season… Note the “new” part as it may not be the Heritage Classic look you’re thinking of.

There hasn’t been anything yet made official, but Reddit user “humanpizza” posted an image from an apparent Adidas catalog featuring 19 blank jerseys with the word “confidential” placed over them. Winnipeg is one of the 19 teams with a place holder graphic in that list.

Some teams have already made it official – or at the very least hinted at soon-to-be-announced third jerseys including the Arizona Coyotes, San Jose Sharks, Philadelphia Flyers and Edmonton Oilers.

So we know third jerseys are on the way, so that means the Winnipeg Jets are bringing back the popular Heritage Classic look from two seasons ago that they still bring out, right?

Not so fast.

HFBoards user “Jet” also posted speculation a few days ago that the Jets may introduce something completely different.

“The jerseys will have powder blue as the primary color (original, huh?) and the logo will be one we have not seen before. He described it as a script logo, with inspiration from our original logo (heritage classic) but with the jet incorporated in the ‘T’ of Jets.”

A powder blue jersey likely means the lighter shade of blue used on the trim of the current Jets unis – better known as “Aviator Blue” – would make for a sweet looking alternate! It’s certainly a shade or color not used by any other team at the moment (San Jose’s teal of course coming close, but not quite blue enough) so it would be nice for the Jets to stake a claim to it.

Plus, a lighter shade of blue could also be seen as an ever so slight nod to the franchise’s past life as the Atlanta Thrashers…

Icethetics.com – which is pretty much the authoritative voice for hockey jersey opinion and news – also feels the Jets may be looking to go forward with a new look.

The Jets wore a great throwback in the 2016 Heritage Classic, but that version of the Winnipeg franchise is part of Arizona’s franchise history now so perhaps an entirely new design is a better bet.

A new look would likely be welcome by many going into the team’s seventh season since their flight north from Atlanta and add to what is already one of the best looking set of sweaters in the NHL (of course, that’s bias speaking) .. How excited would you be for a new look that may include a shade of “Aviator Blue”?