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WWYDW: How Do You Fit Truoba In Long Term?

In amongst the aftermath doom and gloom of a game two Jets loss which also some angst over attendance numbers for both the Playoff Street Party and inside Bell MTS Place itself was one bit of sunshine: Jacob Trouba wants to stay and stay long term.


Some would say this is a case of “winning cures all” but the truth is Jacob Trouba never had an issue with Winnipeg as a city or even the players on the team, it was simply how he was being used.

Turns out asking your future franchise defensemen to take a regular shift with Mark Stuart on the third pairing isn’t the most ideal way to make him happy.

So JT wants to stay and Jets fans (who were always wanting him to stay and never once said something as stupid as “good riddance” to him, right?) as well as they team themselves should be more than happy to to keep him around…

But how do you make it work out? One look at the Jets salary cap situation going forward over the next couple of seasons suggests that it should be possible to sign Jacob to a long term deal with big bucks, but some decisions will need to be made.

The Jets already have a few contracts that are starting to look like they could be less than ideal issues to have hanging around. Bryan Little’s cap hit is set to be $6.5 million over the next two seasons starting next season. Dmitry Kulikov is a cap hit of $4.3 million over the next two seasons as well. Steve Mason’s $4 million dollar hit next season could be problematic as well.

And then there is of course the expiring ELC and RFA deals coming down the pipe such as Patrik Laine, Josh Morrissey, Connor Hellebuyck, Adam Lowry and Tucker Poolman… All of those players are going to be looking for somewhat significant to very significant raises very shortly.

It’s not impossible to get Trouba locked down for a long term deal, but it’s going to require some crafty cap management.

So JetsNation, What Would You Do? What would you think or expect Jacob Trouba to sign for, and how do you fit him in with the Jets cap situation?

Sound off in the comments below or let us know what you think on our Twitter feed!

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  • Sign Trouba 8 years $6 million per. This deal locks him up for the rest of his peak years. Sign Helly, Morrissey and Connor to the same deal. This unfortunately means that players like Kulikov, Mason, Hendricks, Armeia, Enstrom, Dano, Matthias and Petan may have to be traded or not resigned, now.The team could free up some $ to sign Stasny 3 years $5 million. The Jets would also have to look to trade Little, Perreault, Morrow, Charoit and Myres in the next couple of years to make room for Poolman, Stanley, Appleton, Lemieux, Niku, Roslovic, Vesalainen, Samberg, Nogier, Cederholm and Harkins. Good teams know when to bring up youth at the expense of aging players.

  • Travis

    For this coming year, the Jets are looking pretty good. They have about $25M in cap space to find new contracts for Trouba, Morrissey and Hellebuyck being the big three, but Lowry, Armia and Tanev also needing new contracts and deserving a raise. Honestly, they could even find a spot for Statsny if they really tried and got a little creative.

    Enstrom’s contract is also done, so he will either need to be resigned or replaced. I wouldn’t complain if he were signed at 2×2-2.5, but I also wouldn’t be sad if he moved on and space were made for up-and-comers like Niku and Poolman.

    The problems come for the Jets NEXT year, though, where they will have substantially less space to find room for Laine, Wheeler AND Kyle Connor. Yikes. That one is going to hurt. Oh, and Tyler Myers, Ben Chiarot and Anrew Copp will also need to be resigned or replaced.

    Bryan Little tends to be underrated, but even so, at 5.3M (not sure where 6.5M comes from), he seems a little pricey for what he delivers. The problem is, who would take him? If they want to get rid of him to make room for the likes of Vesalainen and J-Roc, they have to bundle up a prospect or two in order to get him off their hands.