Playoff Picks: JetsNation Picks The West

Last night we revealed our picks for the eastern side of the 2018 NHL Playoff bracket, now we give to you our picks for the west side.

We all agree on how things will play out on the Central side of things, but the Pacific side is a little more unpredictable with both series on that side almost being completely split down the middle.

Vegas Golden Knights (51-24-7 / 1st Pacific)
Los Angeles Kings (45-28-8 / 1st Wild Card)

Art M: Knights in 6 – Home ice serves Vegas well for at least this series.

Tony: Kings in 6, but really it’s a pick’em.


Robert: I think finally the Knights fall gracefully. Kings in 6

Cassie: Knights in 5. I think the Kings have a few too many holes and the Knights are playing like they have something to prove.

Brian: Kings in 6. It’ll be a close series, but I have a feeling the Knights’ dream season comes to an end

Kyle: Golden Knights in 6. Heck, why not?

Alec: Kings in 6.  The experience of the Kings will finally end the fairy tale run of the Knights.

Cam: Knights in 7. Fleury steals the show.


Anaheim Ducks (44-25-3 / 2nd Pacific)
San Jose Sharks (45-27-10 / 3rd Pacific)

Art M: Ducks in 7 – Ducks have gotten hot at just the right time, but eliminating the Sharks will be super tough.

Tony: I have picked both the Ducks and Sharks to win. My hate for the Ducks say Sharks in 7.

Robert: The Sharks have been pretty good since the Kane deal whereas the Ducks have been very inconsistent all year. Sharks in 6.

Cassie: Sharks in 7. This is another one that I think and hope goes the distance. San Jose has been amazing after getting Kane.


Brian: Ducks in 7, but it will be a hell of a series. The health of Joe Thornton is wild card too, but I think the Ducks pull this one out.

Kyle: Ducks in 5. They have been really good in the second half of the year after getting Getzlaf and Kesler back.


Alec: Sharks in 6. Martin Jones has been playing better than John Gibson and Ryan Miller.  

Cam: Sharks in 6. This team is on a roll and is probably the most underrated team in the playoffs.

Nashville Predators (53-18-11 / 1st Central)
Colorado Avalanche (43-30-9 / 2nd Wild Card)

Art M: Predators in 5 – Again, I don’t ever predict sweeps. If I did, this would be the other one.

Tony: Preds in 5 I guess.

Robert: It’s the Preds vs Mckinnon and Mckinnon steals a game. Preds in 5.

Cassie: Preds in 6. I think the Avs can squeak out a couple of wins.

Brian: Preds in 6. I really don’t see any scenario that the Avs get out of this, but I am looking forward to Nate MacKinnon taking on the entire city of Nashville.

Kyle: Preds in 4. Someone needs to predict a sweep

Alec: Preds in 6. The Avs have been really good in Denver, but the Preds are the better team across the board.

Cam: Preds in 4. Only sweep in the first round.

Winnipeg Jets (52-20-10 / 2nd Central)
Minnesota Wild (45-26-11 / 3rd Central)

Art M: Jets in 6 – Wild are always a strong playoff team and should give Jets plenty of fight, but Jets just too deep to falter in this one

Robert: I’ll homer out here.  Jets in 5. Jets are just too deep for the wild to match lines with and that was before Ryan Suter was announced gone for the season. .

Tony: Jets in 5. Series will be close and Jets shooting talent lets them win the close games. Wild give up shots but limit from home plate. Jets one of the few teams that can score from outside home plate with some regularity.

Cassie: Jets in 6. Minnesota historically are decent at home so I can see them pulling out a couple of wins. I hope I’m right because I have a few bets at work riding on this.

Brian: Jets in 5. I think the Wild take one in their home barn, but I think the loss of Ryan Suter hurts their ability to limit chances, especially when the Jets can score from anywhere, and do it in bunches.

Kyle: Jets in 4. No Suter and potentially no Spurgeon is an absolute disaster.

Alec: Jets in 5. Two great home teams – Minnesota actually has one less home regulation loss this season – but the absence of Suter is a game changer.  This series will come down to Hellebuyck vs Dubnyk, and I think Hellebuyck wins the matchup.

Cam: Jets in 5. Jets give into jitters for the first game and lose. But, the team pulls it together and win the next 4.