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WWYDW: Revisionist Trade History

Today for our WWYDW feature, it would seem obvious to ask something related to next Monday’s NHL Trade Deadline. In case you haven’t heard, the Winnipeg Jets could (or may not) be a big player in this year’s wheeling and dealing.

But we’ve already have gone over possible trade targets, who the Jets may trade away for those targets, or if they should even trade at all. Honestly, it’s starting to feel like a bit of a broken record at this point.

So today, let us go hockey wide, think big picture and do a two-parter with trades being the theme…

The first part: What hockey trade is your all-time favorite / most memorable?

Personally, as someone who was a fan of the Dallas Stars from the time I had to pick between either Dallas or Phoenix right up until about the time they because a division rival of the 2.0 Jets, the December 1995 trade of Calgary Flames forward Joe Nieuwendyk to the Stars for Corey Millen and 1995 11th overall pick Jarome Iginla was a game changer for the Stars at that given time and ended up helping the Stars to a Cup victory in 1999 and another deep playoff run in 200, and as we soon realized, the trade also gave the Flames a franchise player that helped carry them to a Stanley Cup Finals berth in 2004.

Of course, if all trades worked out that well for both teams, there wouldn’t be as much discussion and hand wringing over which team wins each deal made, so with that in mind…

Part two of WWYDW: What single hockey trade would you go back in time and change?

Recency bias would suggest the infamous one-for-one trades of Taylor Hall for Adam Larrson or PK Subban for Shea Weber should be prime candidates for do-overs, but over the last bit of history there are plenty of trades that from one side or another could be given a second or third thought.

Sound off in the comments below or let us know what you think on our Twitter feed!

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  • cbernardin

    One trade I’d like to go back and change would be Filip Forsberg for Martin Erat (and Michael Latta). I’ve always had a soft spot for Washington because I’d like Ovechkin to win a Cup, so bad for them. The fact that it would also make the Jets main competition for the division lead weaker is a bonus too.